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  1. BenGy

    Playback jumping 2 seconds CMS

    That's great. So far the playback is working much better than CMS. Can I ask how and what you mean by use the app it places on the desktop? Cheers.
  2. BenGy

    Playback jumping 2 seconds CMS

    When I access the DVR from chrome I get NetSurveillance open I log in but the window says plugin not supported, and in MS Edge it just doesn't show any feed under either cam 1 or 2
  3. BenGy

    Playback jumping 2 seconds CMS

    Hi. CMS was the software recommended by the manufacturer Sansco. I opted to using the CMS software for an easy way of viewing footage through the network. Using dvr software through the directly connected monitor is troublesome as one the the non sansco cameras appear blank during playback.
  4. Does anyone know how to stop playback going at 2 second fast forward in CMS constantly? I press play repeatedly and suddenly sometimes it plays normally, then starts skipping ahead in 2 second skips. I have repeatedly clicked the fast forward and sometimes that will work just for a couple of seconds before it starts it again. Same with clicking the slow forward, which doesn't work at all. Its really quite annoying when you are trying to see what is happening in footage. It means I have to download the part I want each time just to review the footage at normal speed. DVR was replaced and this one does exactly the same. Using CMS.exe on Windows 10 PC connected to the router the DVR is connected to.