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  1. ChrisL

    Pelco Endura Problems

    So only 1 stream freezes? I assume you are unable to change / highlight the monitor?
  2. ChrisL

    Pelco Endura Problems

    Can you be a little more specific about the freeze - is the device still ping-able after the freeze? Does it show up in Endura Utilities as offline?
  3. ChrisL

    Pelco Digita Sentry Recording Issue

    Are these Pelco IP cameras?
  4. Sorry but we don't support such DVRs. Maybe you can consider others such as Hikvision, Dahua etc... They are very famous. Pelco and Samsung aren't "Famous" you are kidding right? I'll start with the simple answer - you aren't going to be able to do what you want to do with an App or piece of software, several of the DVR"s mentioned above are obsolete at this point. The device you are looking for is called a Matrix - also a somewhat obsolete piece of equipment in todays world. The problem you will run into is the cost of the matrix, and its limitations will probably run you more than swapping out the DVR's with a static brand and utilizing their proprietary application to control the DVR.
  5. I can't claim to of ever tried a touch video wall but isn't this going to be very difficult to use? Assuming that we are going 2 rows of 3, the video wall will be physically 66" wide, 5ft 6in wide. You would literally have to walk back to monitor 1, grab something, and walk 5 feet away to bring up on a monitor. Also, unless there is some feature in windows that I am unaware of, you still have to go from monitor to monitor. So to get something from monitor 1 to monitor 6 I would still have to pass through 3 monitors. My experience w/HMI has been that 2 touch screens side by side is difficult, let alone 6. Or am I totally missing something here?
  6. Maybe my logic is all wrong - what is the benefit of a $130 Camera that is sold at Cosco? If you mark it up 30% you are 30% higher than what your customer can go buy it for. If you mark it up 30% you are only making $33 per camera. If you have to replace it you have lost your profit on the camera. Where prices "Should" be is very different from where integrators want pricing to be.... If you are a DYI'er and installing this in your house / business - great. If you are trying to make a living off of video and you are selling $100 cameras, you won't be around long.
  7. ChrisL

    Cameras for Pelco Dx816-500

    Not that you can't upgrade the DX8116 - but there isn't a whole hell of a lot you can do on the hardware front. It only has 500g of storage, you may want to increase that. You can verify that it is on the most recent version of Firmware, which is always available for download for free on the Pelco FTP site: ftp.pelco.com As far as cameras go - any analog camera will be compatible.
  8. ChrisL

    Cameras for Pelco Dx816-500

    Is this a DX8016 / DX8116?
  9. ChrisL

    What has happened to this forum

    There is very little detailed discussion here as to what there use to be... But with that said, the entire industry is becoming a lick-and-stick solution. What requires skill today? Every manufacturer has made this so simple that any idiot can start a company and be semi-successful selling CCTV. Video is the redheaded step child in the security world. Its simplistic nature will always keep it there. Its why a large amount of talented people in this industry move over to Controls / Integration. The Andover/Pelco, and SoftwareHouse/AD's of the world get it...
  10. ChrisL

    Need Pelco DX7000 Advice

    You can find most recovery disks on the FTP site, if you can't find it on there tech support will often provide you with one. Ftp://ftp.pelco.com There would be no benefit in upgrading a DX7000
  11. I have the inside track on the product...... I haven't had a chance to put a review together, schedule has been crazy with the show next week.
  12. Blake - Surevision launched late 2011. I wouldn't really call this new. There will be lots of new offerings on display at the ISC booth.
  13. I received the camera about a week ago, and everyone who I have presented to has been very impressed with it. It is one of the many new cameras that Pelco is launching this year. It has its place in the market, and its performance is great. Pelco needed an inexpensive 1MP/30FPS option to supplement their current line, this is that option.
  14. ChrisL

    Pelco to servo controler

    Ok, sorry, I think I understand now. So something like this: http://www.pelco.com/sites/global/en/products/camera-solutions/range-presentation.page?p_function_id=9504&p_family_id=10220&p_range_id=2864 Better built than a $20 servo, not $2000, and runs off of PTZ controls.
  15. ChrisL

    Pelco to servo controler

    You are trying to re-invent the wheel on something that is already out there / working. To answer your question generally, not, its not going to work. If you aren't going to see the HD Camcorder on the cctv system, why force the controls there?