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    What cameras are businesses using?

    yes, you should know what's your markets, the cctv camera? or network camera? cctv camera dominate the lower price and ip camera dominate the higher price. i think you should firstly investigate about that. and then make a decision about which camera you will sell. Regards Lucy Lu msn: lucyg-reat@hotmail.com skype: lxhzspy
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    say them out , and so many friends will help u.
  3. lxhzspy

    What is the best CCTV Cameras to use

    to choose a good cctv camera,you should ask customers where to use,somebody will pay more attention to the price,and somebody will focus on quality,the most appropriate is the best one....
  4. do your cameras use UPS for power supply? you should check your ground of dvr,and then check whether the voltage is stable.......
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    Greetings From A New Member

    welcome,Mitch yeah ,it's a good forum,not only learn more about cctv ,you can also make new friends here.. have a good trip here
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    1st Time Tim

    welcome to this forum! " title="Applause" />
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    hi Guys Newbie Here

    Welcome Jake~~~ " title="Applause" />
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    Hi all

    hi,mark welcome to this forum~~we can be good friends~ regards lucy
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    New to the forum

    welcome~i am lucy.you will love this forum~~
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    my favorite ~~

    i love this forum,especially the font of our posts~~so i am browsing all the day~~hehehe,hope to help everyone and make friends with you~~ the font~~i love it
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    Hi everyone, I'm Ben...

    hi, BartonSecurity i am lucy,welcome to this forum,we can be good friends~
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    Playing back recordings -codecs

    i wanna know whether your camera has its own software for decoding? lucy
  13. hi,guys as we all know,there are so many kinds of ip camera,so how do we identify a good camera?any answer would be appreciated. regards lucy
  14. lxhzspy

    Is this the best CCTV forum?

    yeah,you see ~~so many people reply you~~
  15. hey, kkassabow gald to know that your company imports cctv or related products from China. maybe we can be parteners. feel free to reply me.thank you and you made a mistake with saying "hi,boys",while,there are many girls in the field..like me ...