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  1. I have the Bosch Video Security App on my iPad and it connects brilliantly to the remote DVR for live and playback. What App or method can I use to download video files to my iPad from the Bosch DVR? Thanks
  2. Is there a better player for the iPad than Bosch Mobile Video? Thanks
  3. stuffed

    Large optical PTZ?

    What is available in large (60 x or more) optical PTZ's? Just that would like one for home. We have 2 International golf courses and 3 ski fields all of which we can see from our front window and would be great to bring then up on the TV! Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input and guess the answer is that eventually we will have to change the network to IP so why not do it now? Already we are having to replace some if the older cameras so surely it would be better if the replacements were IP? We have the wiring infrastructure. We would need to replace the DVR with a NVR (cost recovery with selling the DVR). Would need a 16 Chanel video encoder plus an 8 Chanel one. Thanks
  5. Am newbie to this forum so excuse any non tech terms and the length of this post. We have a 22 camera (3 PTZs, 1 NPR and the rest IR) CCTV network in our village with a Dahau 32 Chanel (8 TB HDD storage) DVR in our local police station. The cameras are all hard wired mainly by Cat 5 black external cable. The max distance is about 150 meters (it is a small CBD!). We are fortunate to have a network of 100mm and 50mm underground ducts throu ghout so we are very future proofed. The network has been installed mainly by volunteers and has worked very well since the first camera was installed about 8 years ago. OK some of the wiring to you professionals may look a bit rough (even exposed in some cases over rooftops!). We have a low crime rate but a very popular tourist area and no permanent local police. The local Council (20km away) use 2 cameras to remotely monitor and enforce our 2 mobility parks. OK that is the background and now for some forum help please. Should we be looking to covert to an IP Network? If so what technology can we use to covert out current analog cameras to IP? Thanks
  6. Need to place an IR NPR camera down near number plate height and build a small vandal proof enclosure. Would this still work ok if we had a strong clear perplex type window for it to sit behind?! Thanks
  7. Thanks but does not play the .dv4 files
  8. Am looking for a good quality video player for CCTV files using the .dv4 format. One that can easily slow down, speed up – take snap shots etc. Am even prepared to pay for it! Have tried Elecard and one other one but find they are fiddly to use. Any suggestions? Thanks