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  1. ok, anymore trouble with this DVR and it's going through the window!!! Downloaded and installed Adata(LJD) Colossus Remote Viewing Software v4.0 ...where the hell do you enter IP addresses etc and dial into the DVR??? perhaps it's just me getting tired and cant see the wood for the trees. any ideas guys??
  2. Looking for an alternative mobile app(apple & android) for the ICRealtime 16ch DVR as I begrudge paying the €55 for the ICRSS App.! Anyone had a play around and found other working apps for this DVR???
  3. Eneo DCR 32N software needed urgently, SmartGuard software and drivers. This unit has IDIS X016A capture cards installed so maybe other software is available and would work. Spent nearly 2days scouting around online but nothing substantial found so any help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. Anyone know the i-phone and/or android app. required for the Teknotronic DVR's?? Many thanks in advance...
  5. You're in the US though, shipping would be a killer... anyhow, found an uk/irish supplier selling bcs(dahua) dvr's at rock bottom prices. can't fault any of their gear and occasionally get a freeby thrown in(that's what i like!). QUALITY ip cameras too, none of that cheap plastic trash, but then again you get what you pay for!! securitysupplies.ie
  6. Looking for a low-end/budget new or used 4ch DVR(Adata or Qvis etc.) DVR MUST require gDMSS for android, and iDMSS for apple apps for mobile viewing.
  7. POST CLOSED Wanted: New/Used IP Video Server Preferably 1x 16ch or 2x 8ch Price does matter Or New 32ch+(16ch's analogue max.) Hybrid PC-based NVR/DVR Price does matter NOT Geovision or other 'paid' software ONVIF 2.0 compatible Shipping to R.O.I. required if overseas Any pointers or suggestions will be welcomed gladly.
  8. ptzguy

    mobotix d12 clear and smoked dome

    where are you Meck11??
  9. Anyone happen to have the connector cable for the Everfocus ED Series Speed Dome? It's for the 2250 but other models also carry the same cable. I know there will be one sat there somewhere in someone's garage so please have a quick look!
  10. ptzguy

    SW 8.5 and fisheye issue

    Bang-on! Thank you Squarelzzz - much appreciated! " title="Applause" />
  11. ptzguy

    SW 8.5 and fisheye issue

    did this fix the issue as i've just spent near 3hrs without success? same problem - defished(aspherical view) is 100% quad view you cant lift up the view enough and i'm losing, i'd say, more than 30% fov had a look everywhere, went into cam settings(internal and software) but dont recal seeing any 'red circle or line' help please??!! ...a screen shot would be great!!
  12. ptzguy

    Avigilon 1MP HD Cameras [eBay]

    Yup, the overall improvement after using the roasted sunflower seeds is astonishing, you would think it was a 5mp camera!
  13. ptzguy

    Wanted: Cable for Everfocus S/Dome

    Hello Philip, I sent you an email, where have you gone to?! I think you're referring to the metal micky on my profile picture/avatar!!! It's the Everfocus ED2250S/P Indoor Speed Dome connector cable I'm looking for please!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. ptzguy

    Avigilon 1MP HD Cameras [eBay]

    Just to point out Peter that the seller has only 25 feedback, located in Istanbul, and has 18 available ... And my reckoning of $375 = 287euro... And the camera is only 1MP... I think I'll give it a miss, good luck to whoever chances their arm and makes a purchase though, I'm sure it's a great camera!
  15. ptzguy

    Wanted: Cable for Everfocus S/Dome

    ...Yes, it's the indoor ptz ed2250s/p.. pic to follow...
  16. ptzguy

    Geovision prices please...

    Please could someone(UK/Ire) pm me competitive prices on the following 16ch capture cards: GV-1120 100fps GV-1240 200fps GV-1480 400fps I may also be interested in used Geovision equipment if you have it...
  17. ptzguy

    Atlantis - app problem

    Happened to me last week on a Qvis Atlantis! Check all these ports are open and correct in DVR's settings: HTTP/WWW: 80 TCP: 37777 Mobile: 37778 Network settings --> Advanced --> Mport(or)Mobile port 37778 Mobile app.(vMEye, MeyePro HD) port 37778 Remember: If your phone is inside the local network use the 192.18.xxx.xxx address. If your phone is outside the network(3G, GPRS etc.) use you static IP address. G'luck.
  18. Take note of your IP address and reboot your router - if your IP address has changed after reboot then you have'nt a static IP address. If you're unable to obtain a static IP address from your ISP(I don't know if VM charge monthly or a one-off fee) then you need DDNS or a Dynamic DNS account. Your DVR supplier or CCTV technician can help you with all CCTV networking requirements, online and mobile viewing etc. I would only recommend networking your own DVR if you have a competent IT/CCTV background and feel confident in doing so.
  19. TeleEye CX788 Channels 5, 6, 7, and 8 have 'n/a' onscreen, nor does it display an image on these channels. Attempting to upgrade the software from 1.0.0 to 1.26.0 via USB, 'Upgrade Error' appears, then hangs, then reboots DVR. Any idea guys apart from the recycle bin??!
  20. Ok, found a UK supplier, half price Qvis DVR's compared to Irish supplier! I noticed Dahua have identical DVR's to Adata AND Qvis - well you learn something new everyday!! Thanks again Vector!
  21. tbh I've done quite a bit of googling over the last couple of days and noticed Dahua sell an identical slimline DVR as Adata - although Adata aren't cheap in Ireland. Don't know much about Dahua and only ever heard them mentioned in this forum, are they mainly a US distributor/manufacturer??
  22. ptzguy

    Can't find DVR's internet password

    I've seen this one before lol!! All I can say is that it was a 'Silver Box'... I networked it successfully but I remember the password being something of an 'oddity'! I think it may be 1234, 4321, 123456, or 654321... Try those, if not try 111111, or in fact, ...was it something totally obscure like ali123??! If unsuccessful set up another user account! G'luck!
  23. Rack mount/Desktop Lock-box Intel Pentium Core Duo E6420 @2.13Ghz, 2.13Ghz 2Gb DDR2 Ram ATI Radeon X1050 PCI-E Graphics Card 1x 80Gb HDD(System) 4x 500Gb HDD's(2Tb RAID Storage) Windows XP Axis Cam Station(12 Cam License) TRENDnet TPE-224WS Websmart 24port POE Switcher(12.8Gbps cap.) 7x Axis 211 Cams with 3-8mm lenses and stands Used but very clean and a well looked after system, PC build is 2007 but the system has been in storage since Feb'11. All tested working OK. Open to offers, preferably UK/Ireland...
  24. ptzguy

    Mobile App. for ICRealtime

    Thanks Tom, $20 Android and $30 for iPhone! Better in my pocket than theirs!