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  1. All Dedicated Micros DVR's will do that I go for the Ecosense series if you want cost effective. They have really good support too.
  2. snate.ini


    Have someone pm you. If that doesn't work call Honeywell or a local Honeywell rep.
  3. snate.ini

    Camera fuzziness and pixel distortion.

    How is your system and network set up? Is it pixelated locally or remotely? Are these IP cameras or analog? Have you tried to use a test monitor directly at the camera? As much detail as possible is best for us to help you.
  4. snate.ini

    Anyone ever use EverFocus brand?

    Honestly......there is a reason why Everfocus is nick named "NeverFocused" I have used it I don't like it. I was in tech support at a major distributor at one point in my career and heard a lot of negative things amongst seeing some for myself. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to paint a picture that anyone who buys their product is doomed but I wouldn't buy it.
  5. snate.ini

    Looking for budget DVR

    i am shocked that DM would bring out a dvr with such poor frame rate. RECORD RATE True global record rates of up to 100pps (PAL), 120pps (NTSC) at CIF. Assuming all camera channels are populated: • CIF available at 25pps (PAL), 30pps (NTSC) per camera • 2CIF available at 12pps (PAL), 15pps (NTSC) per camera • D1/4CIF available at 6pps (PAL), 7pps (NTSC) per camera and for that price you could get a avermedia 8 way or 2 4 ways How is that a bad frame rate? 25 pps @ CIF. 30 pps is faster than TV. TV streams at like 27.8 fps. the last time I checked industry average is 3.75 per channel.
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    i have seen your post as many others have. and like others yes we know how to do a full factory reset on honeywell systems. but i dont think any cctv forum should give this info out and at least not to the world. many companys in the cctv industry protect there unit with an engineers password this protects us so as no one can play with the operating system side. you have a problem why not post were you are and see if you have a engineer who could fix your problem for a small fee. or pick up the phone and give honeywell the serial number of your dvr they will then send you a reset code. also has a small fee. But you do need to take a chill pill. you will get all the help you need on this forum all the guys you will get to know in time ...............anyway have a good sleep everthing will feel better tomorrow. I agree completely with tomcctv. Even if somebody has that info on this forum it shouldn't be blasted all over the net Honeywell is a well know mfg with lots of units in the field and that being posted on here in a general area will jeopardize all those units. If it is a Honeywell Fusion you may want to talk to some people with some Toshiba experience since Toshiba DVR's and the Honeywell Fusion are made by the same OEM.
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    can anybody help!! DVG 2004-DS ASTELLO

    Another way to do it is "if" your DVR has an FTP option you can set the DVR to FTP all video to your PC it will take a while but it will work.
  8. You can upgrade to a higher capacity HD if you send it in to DM and you can upgrade it in the field if you have computer with a serial cable to run hyper terminal on com port 1.
  9. Here is an option I have used the RT416 and DM's SD Advanced DM has a better price, you get more options and you can use IP cameras and analog at the same time. http://www.dedicatedmicros.com/europe/products_details.php?product_assoc_id=196&product_id=217
  10. snate.ini

    everfocus edvr 9 ch

    This means that the USB device was not connected properly. Disconnect from the USB port and restart both the DVR and the device (if possible). If you are using a DVD drive, make sure that you are using formatted DVDs and that you do not insert the disc until after connecting the USB to the DVR. In the future don't buy "Never Focused" DVR's.
  11. snate.ini

    help with video picture ghosting

    A termination for video is a 75 Ohm resistor placed at the end of any video cable to prevent signal reflections that cause ghosting or multiple images on the monitor. Some CCTV equipment have built-in terminations some of which are switch able. If you are using this equipment in series, you must switch off all Terminations except the termination at the last piece of equipment in the cable run. Also change in impedance can cause this so if you have converters in place remove them and see if the problem still exists.
  12. snate.ini

    Which DVR is best for me (4 cameras)

  13. There are a couple of ways you can go when it comes to using Apple products. Dedicated Micros has had this capability for quite some time. but you will need an app from the iTunes store for viewing the app that they recommend is mobileipcamviewer made by Mobideos @ http://www.mobileipcamviewer.com which is not free. I have heard of one called VPon that is free but I have not tried it out. NOTE: DM is coming out with there own app soon. the DVR that I would recommend near your price range from DM is http://dedicatedmicrosinc.com/?id=249 Another manufacturer is Digital Watchdog but the only have a 2 year warranty not including drives DM's is 3 years including drives. I don't wanna knock you but, Lorex just isn't well know for quality. DM and DW are pro grade. DM invented the DVR and has been round for over 28 years. I hope this helps.
  14. snate.ini

    Looking for budget DVR

    Here is an option. It's by Dedicated Micros it is very inexpensive and has a three year warranty. 4 Channels, up to 100pps across the unit Simultaneous Live viewing and Recording Simple graphical interface controlled via USB Mouse USB ports for download of video archive to external storage device Composite or VGA main monitor Serial Telemetry Control including Pelco P & D NetVu Connected - One Core Technology Global MPEG4 or JPEG record settings http://www.dedicatedmicros.com/europe/products_details.php?product_assoc_id=384&product_id=268