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  1. leeline88

    Merry chrismas

    Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year to All of you here.
  2. leeline88


    welcome coming here,Friends.
  3. leeline88

    Help! Anyone know something about ITX?

    Maybe you can search some info from Search engin just like Google ect,I think you can get what you want.
  4. Who can supply me some more details about POE IP camera?Thanks so much.
  5. leeline88

    IR camera

    sure,It can work,But the image will be not the same good as good weather,Hope this help.
  6. leeline88

    How about SONY Effio E 650TVL camera?

    Effio-E is (650TVL) lower-end version of Effio and it lacks alot of key features from Effio like WDR, TDN, Dual-scan CCD, Face Detection, 3D DNR, and etc., and is very high-lux(0.1) since it lacks ESS. Will probably fit in between 500TVL's cameras and high-end 650-700TVL Cameras but most people looking for EFFIO will probably look for High-end features like WDR, TDN, 3D DNR, low-lux, AGC, ESS and stuff. There are a lot of choices for 600-650TVL cameras if you don't need all those features. I'm not really sure how Effio-E will compete in the market but so far Effio-P definately gets more interest. Hope this helped. Big help,Thanks so much.
  7. Hey anyboday there? Do anyone use SONY Effio 650tvl camera already?How's that? Is that selling popular on your market now? Who can supply me some more info about this kind of cameras????
  8. Just have a try can i post some words here.
  9. leeline88

    Glad to come here

    Hi,I am new coming here,My name is Sharline From China,I am sure I can learn so much from here and to improve myself.
  10. leeline88

    Greetings CCTV forum

    welcome ,Guy
  11. leeline88

    Wide angle view camera / outdoor

    Agree with you.Good suggestion and learned,Tks.
  12. leeline88

    540 TVL or 420 TVL ANY DIFFERENCE?

    honestly to say,It's really no such big difference for this two different Lines,At least I can't seperate them just from the image at once. But why the price is so big different,I think we need to ask Sony company ,Because sony sale this two ccd module with so different price so cause the different camera price ,I think.
  13. leeline88

    ASIS in Dallas?

    support you,But no go,haha
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    welcome sam
  15. leeline88

    Anybody going to ISC east?

    won't go.worse and worse that show now