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  1. shiloo

    Power Supply

    wyattwic; Thanks for reply I have tried uk ebay, do you mean to change input voltage to 220v. To do that I would require transformer as I assume the camera is designed for 24 volt.
  2. shiloo

    Power Supply

    Purchased used panasonic PTZ that requires 220/240 volt input and 24 volt ac output, heater disconnected so 18 watt power consumption. I have googled & tried ebay but to no avail, lots on US sites with 110 volt input anybody know of European supplier. Thanks for any help.
  3. This is how burglars are treated in Ireland,The home owner follows burglar to regain stolen items. Guess who ends up in court? Guess who gets compo. http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/celia-larkin-absurdity-of-burglary-payout-is-plain-to-see-3024192.html
  4. Hi, I need help I have GE Security Digia II DVR, MPEG-4, 160 GB installed in small shop with 4 cameras, a few days ago owner returned to find Dvr unplugged & all footage deleted from the Dvr. The Dvr was in cabinet in office to which staff have access. We are trying to recover & play the deleted files but without much success. I removed HDD from Dvr & installed in Xp Pc, the bios recognises the drive, Used Easus Data Recovery which found about 70 files, 35 of the files are Shockwave Flash Files varying in size between 360MB and 4.91GB the other 35 are GZIP compression files all the same size 47.6MB. The problem is we cannot get any of the files to open we have tried all the usual players from GE Digia player, Vlc media player, Media player classic & others, We have also tried a Demo version of Diskinternals Uneraser which found 23222 files but is showing them as Jpeg when we try preview in this program it appears unable to show preview, I would be most greatfull if any of the forum members could advise on a method of viewing footage. Sorry about length of post. Ps. I was able to find how to reset Admisistrator password with Google in less than 1 minute, so much for password security Thanks in advance
  5. shiloo

    user id password

    Ask the wife would be easiest option
  6. shiloo

    First build PC based Dvr unit

    Thanks for replies I have checked out a higher spec card from Netvision http://www.netvisiondvr.com/ProductInfo.asp?id=33 has any forum members any views on this card or used it in pc build. Thanks to all
  7. shiloo

    First build PC based Dvr unit

    Thanks bongofury for reply, I certainly require more than 2 - 4 frames ps per channel these are not cheap cards I know they are chinese but I have seen very positive posts on this form about Netvision & Hikvision cards. bongofury would you or some other forum member please explain how you arrive at figure of 2- 4 fps per channel for cif or less for 4cif I assumed that these cards were capable of recording 200fps(P)/240fps(N) as they are 8 channel cards is this not 25fps(p) 30fps (n) I am confused? please advise.
  8. Hi to all, I am new to this forum & am going to build Pc based dvr I have 2 cards in mind that I am considreing using. http://www.netvisiondvr.com/ProductInfo.asp?id=65 http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/215261324/DS_4008HCI_DVR_Card_with_NBv6.html can somebody please tell me what is te difference between the 2 cards & which is the best card. Thanks in advance