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  1. Hello all, I would like to view my Hikvision ip cameras from multiple locations. I have three locations I want to monitor from a central location. I also want to be able to record all three locations from one cental location. Please let me know if this is possible and the price for 24ch Avigilon Standard license as I am currently using a demo version of Acc6 which tech support gave me for 30 days. Thank You
  2. Hello all, Does anyone have the newest firmware for the Hikvision DS-2CD2355FWD? My camera currently has 5.3 build 171025 firmware and it doesn't work with Avigilon ACC 6.0. Please let me know. Thank you all for your help!
  3. Who makes the best text inserter for IP cameras? Hikvision? Wow $1.700 for each unit ..... That is twice the price of a market leader
  4. This is extremely sad news. Carl was always helpful to me when I reached out with questions. I thank him for all he has done to help others whilst asking for nothing in return. May he rest in peace.
  5. nDAlk90

    Door Frame Security

    Many of us install security cameras, alarms, etc. But how many of us reinforced the frame of the door? What steps have you taken in protecting your front door?
  6. Anyone here used and have experience with Rainbow security cameras or lenses? Thoughts, opinions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Look what a deal on eBay. Advertised as real time 30FPS per Channel. $79.99 with shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/110795629227 Anybody have experience with this unit?
  8. AVER EH1004H 4 Channel Hybrid DVR / NVR http://www.averusa.com/surveillance/products/hybrid-dvrs/eh1004h.asp Asking $225 Shipped. Comes with Remote, Ethernet cable, Manual, and install CD Please feel free to ask questions you may have about the item. - Up to 4 IP OR Analog Cameras - High image quality and frame rate. - Built with the future in mind and an easy upgrade path. - Very simple setup. If you already have analog cameras and want to add on a few IP cameras (up to 4), than the EH1004H will work great for you. No fee license for IP channels, supports 50+ IP camera brands and has ONVIF Compliance. Check out Aver's IP Camera Support list below for a list of supported cameras. http://www.averusa.com/surveillance/download/IP/EH1000H/EH_Nano_IPCamera_Support_List_v5.1.1.19.pdf
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    Need Help with an important matter...

    Hello. How did you come to this "assumption" that you have hidden cameras in the premise? What makes you sure, suspect, or believe this?
  10. Cat5e is fine for cameras to switch. Switch to NVR usually Cat6 is advisable especially if you have many cameras with a high data transfer rate.
  11. Put the camera on the the side wall looking at the door. Something like this perhaps. http://www.laba.com/cctv/images/DSC00911.JPG
  12. If you default they will take your business assets and your cameras will probably be auctioned off cents on the dollar.
  13. Is it possible? Yes. Is it advisable? Probably Not.
  14. What salary / commission structure are you offering. Just curious...
  15. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0027GHYRW/
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    The run it in emt conduit in any exposed areas such as garage, attic, basement ceiling, etc. Cheaper and more secure from tampering.
  17. The cameras need some background light. Otherwise they work well with little light, such as a streetlight close by, or motion lights.
  18. Your forgetting one thing... 1 Dahua 2mp Dome = Less then $200.00 Is Avigilon or Arecont to this price point?
  19. As usual you have a lot to say and little to show us... Why not help if you can?
  20. Please circle in the picture what you think is unacceptable quality. You can save the photo and make circle in MS Paint. I see some areas of the image that are soft or slightly out of focus but think this is maybe bad camera lens. Should be obtaining replacement camera shortly to confirm.
  21. Interesting... Did you do full screen at HD?
  22. Dahua 2MP Dome 3.6mm http://vimeo.com/47318546
  23. How about this one? http://blueirissoftware.com/ What IP cameras will you be using?
  24. Dahua dome cameras and NVR would probably fit you needs. It's a popular brand on this forum for IP equipment because of the high quality video output and relativity inexpensive price. NVR http://www.amazon.com/Dahua-DH-NVR3216-Security-Recorder-Compatible/dp/B008NSBC1C Dome Camera Dahua-IPC-HDB3200C-2MP-Security-Camera-1080p-OUTDOOR-Dome-IP-CCTV-Camera-3-6mm
  25. Hmm.... Looks a lot like Brooklyn NY... Where is this?