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  1. kg6mti

    JPEG Viewer will not update images

    I got it working, however I don't really know how.
  2. I hope someone can help me out with a problem that I am facing with my GV-800 DVR system. Recently the JPEG viewer has stopped refreshing the images. I can login however all I am able to see is an old image from each camera. Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone know what the default path for storing image files is? How do I change where the image files are stored for the JPEG view? Let me know if you need any other information. Thank You!
  3. kg6mti

    So many questions, so few of them new

    Rory, Can you send me the model number of that camera? I think I might want to get one of those. Thanks!
  4. CollinR, I will take a look at what I have for night video of a person entering the porch. The main purpose of that camera is to give a visual of the front portion of the house. The camera's in my case are more for observation rather than facial recognition. In my situation the camera's are more so that I can take a peek from time to time and see that everything is ok at the house. This house is over 200 miles from my main home in a small town near the coast. You do make some good points though. I may in the near future expand the system and move that camera to just above the door and change to a B/W with the IR emitter to the other side. Thank you for the idea's. The camera's have already been able to provide a picture of a possible burglar to the local police department. I was able to see the person on video dropping something in the yard near my house. When I called the local police and asked them to check it out they found burglary tools, a hammer, screw driver and black leather gloves. The police officer that I talked to said he believed that one of the officers had seen the person in the area and spooked him. The burglar then ditched his tools just in case the police were able to stop him. The funny part was the camera on that side of the house can't be seen unless you know it is there and are looking for it. As the burglar walked passed it he removed his hooded sweatshirt that he was using to cover his face and basically smiled for the camera. I sent that picture to the local police and they used it to look for the guy. The camera that took the picture is the one of the ones that I posted a sample image from but not the camera that has a visual of the porch with the mailbox. Thanks.
  5. CollinR, Don't get me wrong I am not saying that people should only shop Mace camera's. I am sure that you can offer better camera's from other manufactures. And you are correct if you are a CCTV professional you have much more experience with hardware than I do. The requirments in the original post stated that rojan wanted to keep the price per camera at or below $100 per camera. From my experience the Mace camera's fit the requirement perfectly. Sometimes it important to make certain that the requirements of the customer are met. But sometimes the customer needs some education as well. Thanks.
  6. Here are some sample images from two Mace CAM66CIR cameras. Let me know if you need more information or have other questions. Yes, there are better camera's available but for the price this camera provides a very good consistant quality image.
  7. kg6mti

    need your help.. is this camera okay?

    Here are some sample images from two Mace CAM66CIR cameras. Let me know if you need more information or have other questions. Yes, there are better camera's available but for the price this camera provides a very good consistant quality image.
  8. VST_Man you are completely entitled to your opinion. I would feel the same way that you do if I experienced the same problems with a company. I would even be interested in knowing where you order you camera's from. If they are any different or better I would try one if I have a need in the future. I tried a couple of different camera's some expensive and some cheap when I first setup the system. The Mace camera's seem to do the best job for a very good price. There are better camera's available but I have had very good luck with the Mace camera's and I would buy them again. I have had these 8 cameras running for quite sometime now. They are in a rather harsh area near the pacific north coast of California. There is a lot of salt in the air, rain, blowing wind and cold temperatures in the winter. In fact recently they all completely 100% survived a almost hurricane like storm just after Christmas. The winds were 50-75 mph with heavy rain. Currently the temperatures have been at or below freezing on and off for about 2 weeks now. Everything is running perfectly. I have not had any bad experiences with Mace at all. I have called them to ask questions about different camera's and check specs. They seem to always answer the phone and provide the information that I need when I need it. There website has quite a bit of information as well. I don't buy directly from Mace though. I have purchased my camera's from an online retailer through Amazon's website. The service from the retailer has always been great as well. Shipping was fast and reliable and all the items have always arrived in perfect condition. I have always received exactly what I expected. What ever rojhan decides to use I wish him good luck with his project.
  9. I have the exact setup that you are looking for. I would be happy to supply you with login ability to check out my camera's. I would also be happy to send you some sample images if that is better. I have a vacation home that I visit when I am able to. I want to be able to see the same things that you have mentioned. I have eight camera's around the outside of the house. There are six Mace CAM53CIR camera's and two Mace CAM66CIR camera's. The 53's do a very good job on the areas that are smaller and the 66's do a really good job on the larger areas. I have a motion activated security light in the back that enables the CAM53CIR camera that is watching the backyard area to see really well at night when the light is activated. There is a barn about 65 feet from the camera and when the security light turns on you can see it very clearly. The security light contains two 75 watt halogen bulbs. All the camera's hide very well under the eaves of the house. The CAM53CIR camera's were about $115 each from Amazon. The CAM66CIR camera's were about $150 from Amazon as well. The Let me know if I can get you any other information or answer any questions. Good Luck!
  10. kg6mti

    need your help.. is this camera okay?

    Now when I try to post the images I get a message that says,"An error has occured."
  11. kg6mti

    need your help.. is this camera okay?

    It seemed that he was concerned with price not really specs. I only wanted to point out that the CAM66 appears to meet his price requirements and provide the performance he might need.
  12. kg6mti

    need your help.. is this camera okay?

    I have a couple of the MACE CAM-66CIR camera installed. They have been up for some time now and work great. They provide a clear picture day and night. I purchased mine on Amazon for about $150 each. These camera's are in an area where there is a lot of fog and cold. They do a wonderful job of not getting fogged up or mist on the lenses. The camera lense is seperate from the IR lens which helps a lot. Let me know and I can send you some sample images from day and night or let you login to my camera's to see for yourself.
  13. kg6mti

    Had enough of spiders

    I had a problem with spiders when I first installed my cameras. I resolved most of it by making sure the area around the camera's was clean and free of cob webs. I have also done some research on the Internet and found that chestnut oil is a natural repellant for spiders. I have not tied it yet I found several sources that stated the same information about it. Good Luck!
  14. kg6mti

    Geovision 800-8

    Why waste your time trying to figure out who is selling legitimate cards or not. I bought my GV800-8 card from a dealer listed in the Geovision website as an authorized dealer and only paid a little more than the price listed above in this thread. Send me a PM and I will give you the details of what I purchased and prices. Good Luck!
  15. It sounds like you do not have the port forwarding configured in your router. Somewhere in your router there is a configuration page that will allow you to configure the port forwarding. The port forwarding feature allows requests to be recieved by the router and be directed or "routed" to the proper host or PC on the network. For example: You mentioned that the local IP address of your CCTV PC is "". You need to configure a line on the port forwarding page to route all the HTTP request your router receives to the IP address "". You will specify the port to use for your web server on the port forwarding configuration as well. The default port for HTTP requests is port 80. However as I mentioned before some Internet providers block port 80. In that case you will need to configure the web server on your CCTV PC to use another port. Another popular port for a web server that usually works in this case is "8080". If you are able to get to your router from the Dyndns account URL that you created most likely your Internet provider is not blocking port 80. But if you are seeing the router you do not have the port forwarding configured properly.