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  1. naru

    I3DVR Keep re-booting

    no one expert who can help ..guide me what it could be ...any suggestion for buying harddrive .or. recovery
  2. Hi , All of a sudden my DVR make i3DVR keep rebooting , This might be becouse of harddrive failure ,SMPS .or. RAM failure . Is there any way i can diagnose the same. Thanks for the help
  3. Hi , one of my i3DVR camera model Z2205 is not working , Would like to buy a new one can anyone suggest alternet best camera for my DVR for replacement. i need to change the foulty one.
  4. naru

    Convinent store Best Camera advise

    hello experts , can any one suggest economical solution includes licence plates too as a part of it
  5. Sorry ...ya ..i check that before connecting this cable with the PC and it is pinging fine with other web applications. ..so cable seems fine...is there any setting i have to do at router site...but i belive at least intranet has to work..no idea what is missing...any suggestions.
  6. my current ethernet setting on DVR is DHCP - disable (try with enable too, but won't work so change) , eathernet - enable, http port : 80 , it should atleast allow ping in the same network. As i confirm using cross cable that network card is ok.
  7. Hi Soundy, I have manualy configure using the setting menu , my pc ipconfig view is as following, & gateway & dns is
  8. naru

    Convinent store Best Camera advise

    Hi , Dose this includes Licence plate view , what is suggested option for viewing licence plates Thanks u all for such a valuable knowledge
  9. naru

    Convinent store Best Camera advise

    I am not asking this for specific , this is in general for any c-store. What are the prefered system which can give best result , easy retrival , remote access good life etc.
  10. Hi All, I am trying to setup GE storage safe pro camera to see on LAN/WAN over internet, configured the IP address ,dns, subnet-,gateway .. i am pinging through LAN it is showing Destination host unreachable.....can u advise..Also i have try and use the same using cross cable connected to DVR directly and typing the IP address in IE is working fine. The LAN cable is pluged into the 8 port swith now.
  11. naru

    hello every one

    Hello everyone , i am new to the forum ...see that there are so many information in various topics ..realy enjoying reading it.
  12. naru

    Convinent store Best Camera advise

    yes , my mistake its probably 10000 may be more including parking lot and drive in area.
  13. naru

    Convinent store Best Camera advise

    Hi Bondy thanks for your revert ..area approx 1500 to 2000 sqft, with in side & out side parking lot minimum 45 to 50 cameras depends upon the area (should cover all most all corners inside & outside) budget is not the constraint..as would like the best solution in all aspects as far as security in terms of theft etc. do let me know if u need more details , this is general requirement considering normal market trend in c-store
  14. Hi , Can someone advise me the best setup for retail / c-store camera setup. The best result with easy retrival with remote access. Appreciate ..your time ...thanks in advance. Regards; Naru