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  1. Here's a live example of a Mobotix in AU setup for ANPR: http://mobotix.prvgroup.com.au:8081/cgi-bin/guestimage.html I think there's only 1 company making software specifically for Mobotix however.
  2. Plus, if you use a DVR/NAS they often include additional features like home media server capabilities, VPN, and DDNS.
  3. Bump - Lowered Price to $50 OBO. I will accept payment via Paypal or Bitcoins!
  4. The reliability of Foscams varies. I had two, sold one, and the other has been going strong for several years now, albeit with many dead and dying pixels. Better to get something a little higher quality, and skip regretting that you didn't.
  5. Peter_

    Synology NAS

    It has pros and cons in my experience: Pros: -Compatible with tons of cameras (from Foscams to Mobotix). -Free app available for cell phone. -Decent video analytics (motion, missing object, people counting, etc) for all cameras. -Easy setup and management for any level of user (camera auto-detection) Cons: -Java based -Licenses for extra cameras are $60+ USD/each -Some reliability issues (although the new version is better). Even if you just use the Synology system as a NAS you get VPN access, fast read/write speeds, DDNS, and plenty of other features built right in.
  6. I've used an Axis M5014 outdoors, under an eve for a few years now. The network cable started to crack in one spot, but it's holding up so far in the 100+ degree summers and mild rainstorms. But as others said, probably best to get a real outdoor model and not have to worry about it.
  7. You're in Canada? Maybe Avigilon (based in Canada) can give you some sort of deal, in exchange for some sort of "powered by..." link on the website, especially since it's for tourism? And I agree with buellwinkle on this, if the camera does fail for some reason getting it serviced and fixed quickly/at a low cost will not make them question your suggestion.
  8. Peter_

    Synology NAS

    You mean using the Synology NAS as just storage, or using their included Surveillance Station Software?
  9. I'm not too impressed with it yet, although I haven't played with it for too long. There are wayy too many small button crammed on the screen (especially for the iPhone/iPod). It's also difficult to manage (and I'm fairly young). It doesn't utilize any symbols common to the Apple iOS either (buttons, toggles, etc). In short - not intuitive. This app is at one end of extreme, while Qcam Pro is perhaps a bit too simplistic. There doesn't appear to be a happy medium yet.
  10. Probably has to do with the interval at which snapshots are taken and stored, and/or sent to your email.
  11. Maybe something made for automotive/industrial use?
  12. Wonder if the iOS app will be free? Also, thermal would be an awesome option, but I'm sure there will be a significant price increase.
  13. Are the sensors for the Mobotix D12 interchangeable with the D14? By sensors I mean the whole lens/board assembly. I'm having trouble finding a night sensor for a D12, but the prices (and # of in stock) of D14 modules has gone up.
  14. So I am trying to record footage from an Axis P33 series to a NAS, and I enabled "Continuous" recording inside the camera menu, and the NAS has ~500GB free space, yet the oldest recordings I am getting are 11 hours. I checked the recorded video folder on the NAS and it's only 11.3GB currently. Anyone have any thoughts for me, I'm kinda stuck here?
  15. Nice breakdown! I find the Synology Camera viewer for the iPhone not real reliable. I access the Diskstation via its built in VPN client, then use an app (QCamPro in my case) to view the cameras - albeit not all the recordings, but the live images for piece of mind. I'm interested to see what you decide about the NVR software though.
  16. Hello everyone! Wrote up a review, with plenty of day/night photo and video samples of course, of the Axis P3364 1MP dome camera. http://www.plazor.com/reviews/axis-p3364ve/
  17. I did a review of that particular camera (http://www.plazor.com/reviews/axis-p3364ve/). It has great resolution, and excellent low light capabilities. But like buellwinkle said 720p might not be enough resolution for your specific application.
  18. I hear you can downgrade the Synology Firmware, maybe as a temporary solution? I used their built in web server to create a basic web page which has all my camera's live view on it - it loads quite quickly. I have to say, I tried the Avigilon CC software and it is quite nice. Runs smoothly, very intuitive, but like you said the price is likely not economical for home installations.
  19. It has a check box to "Enable Dynamic Contrast" which helps at certain times of the day, but it really makes everything washed out due to the lack of contrast. Adjusting the exposure windows made the biggest difference for me.
  20. Anyone seen any (upcoming) black friday deals on IP cameras?
  21. I have an Axis P3364-VE (6mm) (0482-001) for sale, brand new, sealed in the original box. I purchased two, and have decided to only use one. Price is $765 via Paypal or best offer, with free shipping within the U.S. only, and 30 day returns if it has any issues. Information about the camera is here: http://www.axis.com/products/cam_p3364ve/ I have plenty of feedback here (http://myworld.ebay.com/plazor) and here (http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A1GPQ8EMZBRNSP) Stock Photo
  22. Item sold, thanks for looking.
  23. I'm also curious about pricing for their software.
  24. Maybe something from this company? http://www.iceqube.com/
  25. Thanks for the help buellwinkle, got it figured out. Also the official response from Axis was that I needed to free up more space on my NAS, as the camera will clear out old recordings faster if the NAS is at least 72% full.