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  1. Came across a cool desktop gadget for Windows that displays Axis, Mobotix, and Panasonic cameras straight from your desktop. Doesn't take up much CPU power either (at least for Mobotix doing a frame or so a second). Link here: http://www.netcamviewer.nl/index.php/en/producten/netcamviewer-desktop
  2. My Mobotix says it's internal temperature has reached 126 F+, and it is doing fine (I'm from Arizona). My two old foscam bullet cameras need a power cycle when it heats up, but a sony and an axis dome I have both work 100% 24/7.
  3. Instead of streaming, why not just have a single frame on the page update every 10 seconds or so? Saves on bandwidth, and you could use a higher resolution photo(s) to show people?
  4. I have for sale a Sony SNC-DM160 and a SNC-DS60, both LIKE NEW in original boxes. They were used as test/demo units, but never installed. They both look and operate as brand new! The DS60 is missing a small screw for the mounting bracket, but that can easily be found at any hardware store. Info about these cameras is here (http://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/assets/files/cat/camsec/brochures/SNC-DS-DMseriesbrochurefinal3-08.pdf). I accept PayPal or Amazon Payments. I have plenty of feedback on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/details/ref=aag_m_fb?ie=UTF8&isAmazonFulfilled=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&isCBA=&asin=&seller=A1GPQ8EMZBRNSP) and eBay (http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=peterlaz01&ftab=AllFeedback). PRICES (negotiable) SNC-DM160: 975.00 (delivered, within the USA) SNC-DS60: 575.00 (delivered, within the USA) This is the DS60, but the DM160 looks exactly the same. PM/Comment for more photos. Thanks for looking!
  5. Peter_

    F/S: Sony SNC-DM160 & SNC-DS60

    DS60 is sold! Just have the DM160 left.
  6. Peter_

    F/S: Sony SNC-DM160 & SNC-DS60

    Bump! Make me an offer I can't refuse!
  7. My Mobotix has a similar problem with vertical lines in the image, but they are caused by heat (see attachment). I emailed them and after checking with their German engineers they said it wouldn't shorten the life of the camera. On your image it looks like there is a light source in the bottom left. Is it possible it's somehow reflecting off the camera onto the sensor?
  8. Quick question, can the mobotix control center software view other manufactures ip cameras? I tried adding a demo Toshiba camera (not on my network) but couldn't get it to work.
  9. But it's a good starting point I would say, at least in getting away from eBay cameras.
  10. Little update to this thread, I was able to add an axis camera right into my layout of MXCC without any issues.
  11. Try bandh.com to search for cameras; they let you narrow it down by type, resolution, price etc. (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ns=p_PRICE_2|0&ci=16665&N=4266785728+4289360770+4289360750&srtclk=sort), then go find a better price elsewhere I think that sticking with a single brand might be the best choice, use their provided software, and perhaps run it on a dedicated computer somewhere in your shop. Do you really NEED 6-8 cameras, or can you do better with 2-3 WELL placed and higher resolution models? Mobotix makes a 360 degree panorama camera that covers an entire room, and has onboard SD storage to avoid a computer all together. Or perhaps use a network storage device from QNAP or Synology to store the footage? Like the others said, running too much on your main POS computer is probably not the best of ideas for the sake of the hardware and safety of your security footage in case of theft or robbery.
  12. I'm not seeing pricing or a place to purchase Genetec software, guessing it's not inexpensive? I've been trying the free Milestone software, but my Mobotix camera gets "disconnected" from their software for some reason.
  13. Stick with a more well know, mainstream brand (Axis, Mobotix, Vivotek, Sony,Toshiba, etc). Sure, they might cost more, but it evens out over time, as you have already purchased two cameras.
  14. During the day my mobotix m12 does a steady 6.0 fps, whereas during the night it does 12.5fps. How do I fix the day frame rate?
  15. Currently the resolution is set to MEGA (1280x960) and it doesn't seem to want to break 6 fps during the day. (Also, thanks for the reply voipmodo, I actually purchased the camera thru you and was happy with the service/shipping). Here are the settings from the admin menu: Model M12D-Sec-DNight Hardware T1r1.1.AB, 520 MHz, 128 MByte RAM Image Sensor b/w color Software MX-V3.5.2.23.r3 (2010-07-01) Date and Time 2011-08-05 14:46:24 MST Current Uptime 11:09:37 Networking Camera Name xxxxxx BOOTP/DHCP started successfully Zeroconf on Recording Setup Arm Recording Enable Recording Mode Event Recording (audio) Event Frame Rate Max fps Start Recording Events all Stretch Recording Events none Stop Recording Events none Rec. Time After Event 30 s Rec. Time After Stop Event 10 s Rec. Dead Time 5 s Sensors PIR Level 0% Illumination n/a 24526.6 lux Signal Input closed (low) Buttons none Internal Temperature 52°C (126°F) Image Setup Video Codec MxPEG (8192 KBytes) Image Quality High Image Properties Auto, 1280x960, 90% JPEG quality, simple simple Automatic Camera Selection day camera (above 10 lux) Mirror and Rotation Do not mirror, 0°° Do not mirror, 0°° Sharpness Dark Noise Suppress Off Off Auto Contrast Standard Standard Brightness Backlight Exposure Mode Full Image Area Full Image Area Exposure Field Weighting 100% 100% White Balance Weighting Total Total Average Brightness 40% 40% White Balance Profile Color Saturation Blue Balance Red Balance Hardware Gain (G R B) 3968 3968 3968 1472 1792 1664 Current Exposure Time [ms] 33 (0.16-40) 0.47 (0.16-20) Current Frame Rate 7 fps (maximum 10 fps) Line Frequency 60 Hz Web and Network Access Listening Ports 80/tcp thttpd 111/tcp portmap 111/udp portmap 1024/udp mdnsd 5353/udp mdnsd Your Browser Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:5.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/5.0
  16. Bump! Anyone have any ideas for me? Appreciate the help!
  17. Hey everyone, first off the info here has been extremely helpful. Have read posts here for ~ the last month. So here's what I would like help with. Currently I have 2 foscam bullet cameras (FI8904W) that I know have a limited life. I am recording the videostreams to a Synology NAS running Surveillance Station 5, which so far has worked out very well. BTW, this setup is for a home with pretty decent nighttime lighting (streetlights, under the eve lighting, flood lights that illuminate trees, etc). What I am looking for is a reasonably priced PoE megapixel camera (dome or bullet) that I could use in addition or as a replacement for my system. I plan to stream video using a picostation HP (wireless N). Here's what I'd ideally like to find in a camera: -PoE -1+ megapixel resolution -Outdoor (must be weatherproof - but I live in Arizona so snow/rain not an issue; i.e. no heater) -Good night vision (~ 40 feet at night - see video above) -Motion detection -On board storage -Price range ~500 each (plus or minus ~200) [i'd like to buy several] Here's what the yard illumination looks like at night ( )and during the day ( ) I'm a student so price is a challenge, I'd love to grab a couple Mobotix but obviously that's not going to happen. I'm setting this system up for my parents, and as a fun project. I know some professionals don't like to share their knowledge, but I'm trying to use this as a learning experience too, so any help is appreciated. In my persistent googling I've written down these choices: -Toshiba IKWR12A -Vivotek FD8361 -Sanyo HD3300/3500 -Sony SNCDH210TB -ACti KCM-7211 -ACti TCM-7811 (looks like great night vision) -ACti KCM-7111 -Vivotek FE8171V (new fisheye - good way to use less numbers of cameras) Thanks in advance!
  18. Have had a string of thefts in my neighborhood where people steal parts from cars, so I need to get going on my security system. What are the BEST night vision cameras available on the market? I plan to mount one on either side of my garage to view the cars in the driveway. There is a streetlight and front garage lights that provide a decent amount of ambient light to the area. Needs to be PoE and 1+ megapixel for person/face identification. Suggestions?
  19. Yes, the image is excellent, but maybe I should add price as 1k or less!
  20. So I'm hearing Sanyo and Axis? Without IR leds will I be able to get a decent shutter speed at night? The axis cameras are very nice, but only a few are outdoor rated out of the box. The axis 212 says it only works up to 104 deg F. In AZ a hot day can get up to 110 deg F+.