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  1. Referring to only Analog. IP cameras will display relative megapixel. Looks like up to 7 or 8 for some cameras on there list. One thing I found interesting though is that under spec's it said the hybrid DVR you sent a link to is limited to 2.3mp per channels 1-8 and channels 9-15 are 1.3mp and channel 16 is at 5mp. Yet, when I spoke with Aver they said any accepted camera will work at its respective MP. hmmmm? Hi just a NVR/DVR will do the job. if you are using both analog and IP then your frame rate will go up as on ip frame rate is set at the camera http://www.averusa.com/surveillance/products/hybrid-dvrs/eh5108h.asp
  2. Looks like the Hybrid DVR doesn't offer analog D1. It says up to 8 or a very low fps, but tech support basically said it doesn't have it. So if you want D1 resolution you have to go with the high-end card. Unfortunately
  3. So are you suggesting using an Avermedia card like Avermedia NV8416E or Avermedia NV6480E16 instead of a Geovision card all together? Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. I am designing a system for a car wash. The customer wants Hi-Res cams as cars enter and then exit the high-end car wash. (This place is huge) Customer wants to have 3 Hi-Res (2mp-4mp) cams one on the left, one on the right and one above for both the entrance and the exit. For the rest of the cameras we will be doing analog CNB's, vivotek, etc. Different variety depending on mounting surface. Also considering doing a Geovision Fisheye camera in the lobby/Register area. Customer isn't concerned about detail, so I figured a 1.3mp fisheye split into the 4 screen would be a nice touch giving him a good view of the general area with one camera. My software ideas! Geovision GV-800 16ch card in a good PC setup (i4, 4GB Ram, etc -- Significantly above specs) I would run either 11 or 12 analog cams depending on weither we do the fisheye or not. And get Geovision NVR licenses for the remaining 6 or 7 IP MP cams again depending on the fisheye. One issue I have already run into is that third party IP cams make the NVR license cost way more then if they are Geovision and I wasn't planning on using Geovision IP cams except for the fisheye so this could be a deal breaker. 3x the cost I liked this solution because from my understanding I could have both analog cameras and IP cameras side-by-side. Remote access to just one address giving the customer ease of use. What do you guys think is this my best option? Am I way off because there is clearly a better software or system solution? Thanks in advance!
  5. You should also have a spot out on the back for output. Technically you are only supposed to have one output for the main screen and then you can have either one spot out or a spot out for each camera that will essentially display just that one on the screen you choose. The spot out function works the same way, but depending on the DVR you can select which cameras you want it to display, but some DVR's will only let you display one, generally camera one so whichever camera is on cam 1 will be the spot out. You can run a spot out to a splitter and whala. The bnc out can be a converted to just an RCA so the yellow plug of the red, white and yellow. If that won't work then you can get a splitter for the VGA and in theory split that out, but I haven't personally tried it so maybe someone else can chime in on that one. Side note. You can split out the camera signal at the camera too, without needed to go all the way back to the DVR. So, if your TV is close to a cam and the run is easy just do it there. There are also some more complicated ways to do it like adding a video server to your install and running it into your home cable system so its on a channel.
  6. I have this problem quite often. First thing is you may not be able to fix the 24hr clock component. But, to fix the time being off set your DST up. Meaning put in the date when DST will start and stop and your time will display correctly, even the 24hr clock part.... Sometimes. Exit the remote app and got back in and your time should read correctly.
  7. The DVR should include a readable format when it shots out a copy of the footage. Are your video players all up to date. Do you have the latest version of Windows media player for example? Check to see that you do and that all video formats are selected or on whatever media player you use. My next step would be to contact tech support, preferably of the company who sold it to you or sold it to the person you purchased it from. That is usually your tech support, unless it's a big brand and then you call the brand tech support. Good luck.
  8. 1st Question: Putting together a project and have run into several questions seeing if anyone has some insight. The home (aka project location) has been prewired with RG-59 and Cat5 runs to each camera location. Unfortunately one of the locations isn't long enough to reach the location where the camera needs to go. Does anyone have any suggestions for splicing? I was thinking of adding an outdoor box making a connection on both old and new cat 5 ends and coupling them together. I was going to then use a video balun for the CMB Monalisa analog that I'm throwing up there. Can Cat5 be put right into an altronix power supply (the power wires i mean not the ones connected to the video balun)? If not how do you power it up if the camera isn't a POE. 2nd Question: How many things can you power on one cat5? I will also be mounting several IP cameras with heaters, an IR illuminator and running video from each IP camera. Will one Cat5 serve the job or do I need to run 18/2 for each "extra" thing ie.. heater, Illuminator, etc. 3rd Questions: Has anyone done online backup of an analog DVR? Essentially the purpose would be so that if say the location with the physical DVR and it's internal hard drive where removed or in some way perished there would be a second cloud backup of the information. Thanks everyone in advance for all of your insight and knowledge Cheers!
  9. Wondering what type of Cat5/6 to BNC video baluns people have used and seem to like over others.
  10. I installed these for a customer 8 months ago. The business didn't make it and he now wants to sell them. These are in perfect condition with hardly any use. SNC-B2315 comes with a GVI 3.5-8mm lens. $200obo SNC-C6225 is a PTZ Dome w/ 10x Optical zoom. $750obo I can ship anywhere in the United States.
  11. It depends on the quality of the camera. If it is a cheap low quality camera it won't make a difference either way. If it is a higher end camera then you might notice some difference.
  12. lely09

    wireless networking

    Hi netgear do a good little unit . Netgear Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter XAV101 Tomcctv, do you think this device would work if the dvr is in a different building then the router? In this setup the customer has a farm with several sheds. All of the cameras & dvr are setup in one shed, but the internet connection is about 50 away across from it. The customer is thinking of digging a and running the line to the shed, but I wanted to see if we could do something else..
  13. lely09

    Question: market flood....?

    Bosch? Maybe...? Seanhawg I think what your looking for is high quality DVR's with a good USA presence and great customer service.