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I have searched for dual nic card set up and still need clarification. If you know some literature, please point me to those articles.


Please don't laugh. For all our buildings, I have been placing the cameras on the same network. Basically, it was one computer, one modem, one router, switch will all the cameras...


Part of my learning of CCTV, I would like to put (4) cameras on a server. That will go to one Nic card. The other nic card is the public side.


Basic questions such as:


If the Lan is 192.168.0.X


How do I address the static IP for the cameras and servers?


There is not a Dummy section where I can go to and post there.



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For this example, I am assuming your 192.168 subnet is the one you want to use as your primary LAN.


NIC1: (All devices other than IP cameras)



Any other devices: and so on.


NIC2: (IP Camera network)







Your server/computer will know where to route after that.

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