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  1. How do I gain access to the running a security business forum on this site? I mainly joined this forum for that reason. thanks a lot
  2. Neither of them worked with my DVR. i got closer with security spy though, which is better than the security viewer.. if you or anybody come across any others please post!! thanks
  3. looking for a franchise for what?
  4. sicctv

    Zmodo DVR's

    Anybody have anything to say about this company besides that they are cheap? I been using them and they work fine so far. was wondering what you guys think about them? thanks
  5. hello anybody know of any software for mac osx that will work to do basic viewing on a wide variety of dvr's? thank you!
  6. hey anybody got a good supplier for the bnc compression connectors.. i dont want to pay 2$+ for them anymore lol thank you
  7. sicctv

    IR Repeater's

    http://xantech-store.com/proddetail.php?prod=17294RP anybody know if this would work sending signals for other devices through a coax thats used for my cable?
  8. do they cover anything about running a business?
  9. i know it can be done but i was wondering why would people do it that way if the cameras are in different locations? in what scenario would this way be used in?
  10. sicctv

    Dome camera IR reflecting

    thanks alot.. what do you mean seperate compartment for ir?
  11. is there anyway to get the web file stuff off the dvr so i can upload it to my server and just edit the script to make it work? thanks alot right now i am using zmodo dvrs
  12. sicctv

    Window Reflection

    i assume your technique is for cameras that are for indoor recording. i am talking about having a camera indoors facing outside of a window to look outside at their cars. the light i am talking about that is reflecting is light from inside the house glaring off the window into the camera thats mounted right in front of it inside
  13. i saw a video online of somebody showing how to set up a balun and in their video they showed a quick shot of 4 baluns hooked up into one wire (one balun per pair of wire obv) .. It made me wonder why someone would do that? wouldnt the cameras be further apart? what are some uses for people running more than one camera in a cat5 if theyre all in different spots? is this how most installers do their work?
  14. Hello, I am sort of new to this industry and I wanted to know if everyone can tell me what they think is the best website or book available that will explain EVERYTHING about cctv including everything thats part of it. Also for running a cctv security business. i personally think forums are the best for figuring out problems and stuff but i know there has to be good books/sites that explain this whole thing and how to make a business out of it. thanks alot