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    NAS and LiveView SW

    I have a bunch of Swann NHD-825 cameras Ive flashed to latest 2CD2032 Hikvision FW. I want to set up all my email events individually on each camera. Then use a NAS to do continuous recording. The cameras can be configured to write to the NAS. So NAS will be used to store files and view files remotely. Questions: 1. Any recommendation for NAS, Qnap, Synology, etc.. I dont need to use it as a media player. 2. I dont need the full blown Surveillance SW that comes with the Qnap or Synology nor do I want to pay a licence for each added camera for there SW. Is there a free Live view software that can run on a NAS so I can view the cameras? Just a simple SW that can show multiview and do playback. Thanks..
  2. Moving in a couple weeks, my current security system will be staying at the old house. Question, If I buy a Swann Costco system can I upgrade the camera firmware with Hikvision releases? http://www.costco.com/Swann-8-Channel-HD-NVR-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-8-3MP-HD-IP-Cameras.product.100146087.html
  3. Can someone recommend a stand alone lower end outdoor day/night 2MP cam that has an alarm input so I can hook up a PIR switch. Im tired of the thousands of false image emails from my cams. The motion detection algorithms are terrible and have limited user configurable parameters to set the triggers appropriately. Specifically my Q-SEE/Dahua 1.3mp bullets. Potential PIR switch: http://www.allsecurityelectronics.net/store/pc/PA-460-Takex-55-Degree-Vertical-Curtain-Dual-Element-PIR-Sensor-874p9820.htm Thanks..
  4. Get the Bushnell. It has invisible IR illumination. If you put all the batteries in it and the sensitivity is set right so it doesn't take 100's of images a day the batteries will last a year! I have one on my property to catch animals. The only issue is some motion blur for fast moving objects at night but most all will do that. I've had a few Moultrie game cams but they failed after about 10mo so now sticking with Bushnell from now on.
  5. Thinking about picking up DS-2CD2032-I 3MP to play around without NVR before upgrading the rest of my cams. I looked at the users manual but it covers several other models. 1. Does it have onboard micro-SD slot? 2. Besides sensitivity are there any other settings to help with false triggers? Manual shows a check box for "Dynamic analysis" not sure what that does. 3. Can it send motion detect images to SSL emails; gmail, etc.. Thanks..
  6. Does your camera have a sensativity and Threshold settings for motion detection? My 1.3mp Q-See/Dahua's only have sensativity and the motion detection is disappointing. Without threshold or other configurable settings its nearly impossible to get a balance of triggering on a person vs not triggering when a cloud passes overhead or a fly passes the lense in milisecond. So the choice is 100's of emails of nothing or no emails of a real event.
  7. Where did you get this latest QCN7001 camera firmware? The latest firmware on the Q-SEE support is dated Dec-07 2012.
  8. Anyone tried Instaling Dahua firmware on these Q-see cams?, or has an opinion if it will work or not? EDIT: I tried loading Dahua firmware 2013-5-17. It wouldn't load. So I will have to wait for Q-See to release there version of it which might never happen.
  9. I have several Q-See QCN7100B 1.3m Bullet cams from costco. On the Q-See website there latest firmware is dated 12/07/12. But Dahua for the same cam has had more recent firmware releases, specificaaly that improve motion detection which is what Im interested in. Has anyone been able to get a newer Q-see firmware or tried a recent Dahua firmware on the same Q-see cam? I've contacted Q-See support and they stick by the Dec 2012 firmware as the latest and greatest. Or how about the firmware version on recently purchased Q-See QCN7100B cams, is it still 12/07/12? Thanks..
  10. Yep, I have one. Worthless at night even with a 40w incandescent bulb not to far away.
  11. LOL that's the most ridiculous switch I have ever seen. its cheap ill give you that cheaper than the intellinet line. but the power budget sucks, then again its fanless...I don't know what to think about it lol. I want to hate on it but I really cant cause its actually like the perfect size and its quiet. Get a real switch. They are end of life but you cant go wrong cisco 3550...they are loud but they are great and cheap. 100 bux ebay I knew somebody would like that switch Been running it for 6 months occupyiing 12 ports, 8 on POE with cams, the rest home network.
  12. If you need more than 8 POE ports this one has been working great for me with 8 cams. 16 POE ports 120w total. And you can switch off the POE for and individual port if needed. http://www.amazon.com/BV-Tech-Port-Network-Switch/dp/B005GAAUMW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369178070&sr=8-1&keywords=BV+poe+16
  13. I hope this Firmware comes out for the Q-see model soon. An improvment in the motion detection settings is much needed. I hate sifting thru hundreds of emailed images of false alarms.
  14. I get a few motion sent images from my several of my Dahua(Q-See) 1.3mp cams of over exposure. Seems like like the automatic control gets lost occasionally and this happens in the middle of the day.
  15. I thought it meant, don't trigger motion until motion has been constant for X seconds. So this could filter bugs flying by or other quick frame differences. So the bigger the number the longer it waits to trigger. Is this not true?