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NAS and LiveView SW

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I have a bunch of Swann NHD-825 cameras Ive flashed to latest 2CD2032 Hikvision FW. I want to set up all my email events individually on each camera. Then use a NAS to do continuous recording. The cameras can be configured to write to the NAS.


So NAS will be used to store files and view files remotely.



1. Any recommendation for NAS, Qnap, Synology, etc.. I dont need to use it as a media player.


2. I dont need the full blown Surveillance SW that comes with the Qnap or Synology nor do I want to pay a licence for each added camera for there SW. Is there a free Live view software that can run on a NAS so I can view the cameras? Just a simple SW that can show multiview and do playback.



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