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  1. i ask about WDR because if you turn on the WDR low light result is worst (it was on in the uploaded image)
  2. can't say for your situation, not sure it will work correctly, this cam has some strange behaviour with fixed shutter, mine is installed on a very bright area, and the sun shine directly on the camera too (backlight compensaton is great i have to say...) watercolor effect is common with H264 in low light in general ... go for a p3364 if you can add some white light you won't be disapointed do you need WDR?
  3. So you are saying that in night mode you can't set the shutter speed to something like 1/100? yes unless you use a fixed shutter of 1/100 for day & night = exposure problem when scene is too bright during day When you say that the IR results are not exceptional, may I ask what you are comparing against and is there something that you would consider exceptional (box preferred, but can live with dome)? They are sold for super low light cams but they are not unless you use a slow shutter and a lot of gain (noisy image...+noise reduction effect that can't be managed) also if you turn on WDR image is worst in low light i have exceptional result with my old bosch ltc0620 analog cam (i'm always in color mode), ok it's an analog cam... i have similar result to the p3364 with my Mobotix if i use the same 1/30 shutter mode + IR, (but as i like crisp images my mobotix use a 1/250 shutter so every cam has a 150w PIR flood light over) ...
  4. white light in back ground is a 70w spot
  5. 1/30sec shutter / gain : 12db Ir light + white light in the back ground
  6. Hello i don't have LVE but VE without integrated ir, i have a raytec fusion rm50 over the cam http://www.axis.com/products/cam_p3364ve/ i'm sorry but i can't post any sample unless i blur half of the image
  7. lemike41

    mobotix, axis & bosch for sale in Europe only

    Hello i still have this for sale: iqeye IQ761NI v16 in very good conditions, used only for demo purposes PM me if intrested
  8. p-3364-ve is available since June in Europe
  9. Q1604 & P3364 are correct if you have a decent amount of white light, the color mode is great but if you use IR results are not exceptional i have one p3364 outdor and a q1604 indoor -at night i have a lot of motion blur (max shutter can't be set above 1/30sec) - it seems that on axis cameras their is an anti noise effect that can't be removed or reduced at night, -if you want a crystal clear image you have to set a very slow shutter speed like 1/1sec
  10. if you had an avigilon pro 16MP you could have catched the face perfectly @ 0.05sec on the video, you could have catched the serial number of the bike wheel , can't you put 8000$ on a camera? some clues: your cam is too high (use an anti vandal dome and place it lower) your resolution is too low (use megapixel cam) your angle is too wide for this low resolution (your pixel per foot is too low for facial recognition) your recording codec is not the best for cctv (use Mobotix Mxpeg or Avigilon Jpeg2000 if you want the best detail)
  11. i use milestone Xpress on this entreprise level instalation hyperthreading is supported by milestone smart client so you take full advantage of the I7 3770 i would not recommand to OC an enterprise server, if you don't have correct voltages issues could appear, it's not like having more fps on a game...then a crash during a party... just imagine that the recording service freeze due to a bad OC... i preefer to put an extra $100 on the more advanced cpu and run it at stock, the frequency is not the key to more performances, be sure to have good memory, strong & fast hard drive correctly cooled and a decent graphic card
  12. According to your last statment.... It seems like system with i7 CPU is capable of handing 25-30 channels of real time video monitoring and recording with hitting Maximum CPU usage. But then it depends on what kind of resolution of decoding and encoding the system is doing. Thanks. the latest i7 are killers my cpu usage is approx 25% while viewing & recording, and approx 10% while recording only, i have 3 monitors, 1 for the desktop, 1 with 6 cams (6 x 1.3mp) and 1 with 12 cams (7 x D1 and 5 x 1.3MP) i can't reach 100% even if i fast review all my cams
  13. if you want to speed up your milestone system and if you dont care about noise but want better perf : use a dedicated disk for recording (i recommand a 250Go velociraptor) and another dedicated disk for archieving (like a caviar black) i have this kind of setup for 16 x D1 cam and 11 x 1.3MP cam on an i7 3770 + 8go of ram, it runs like a charm even if i fast reveiw all cams simultanously
  14. too good to be true i except a high ghost effect due to a slow shutter speed even the best Ip HD cam can't suplly such picture without ghosting effect