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    DS-4008HCI 8CH DVR Card w/ linux

    do you mean Linovision Technologies in Hangzhou, China see the website www.linovision.com that company is in the same city as Hikvision, and developing software for hikvision. It seemed in Hangzhou,China for that software company,I've ever studied their software too,but I forgot their company's name too.
  2. Security Consultant

    dvr card with linux

    Pls check this website to see the H.264 Linux PC DVR software *********www.linovision.com******** - Working with Hikvision H.264 DVR cards; - with many advanced functions, such as POS integration, PDA/Mobile phone access, email notification,etc. - Powered by H.264 hardware compression (mainly for middle-high end market) - Support max 36 channels in one PC;
  3. Thanks 3awired. these are the Pros and Cons for most of the Linux DOM DVR i saw. i think the information will help customers to make a decision between windows DVR and Linux DVR. More and more customers are looking for high quality Linux DVR. i think these information will be helpful: 1. Image quality; 2. Compression efficiency; 3. Software functions; 4. service provided by supplier; So people should know: 1. What compression standard it use? H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, etc. In my opinion, H.264 is the most advanced compression algorithm. 2. Is it hardware compression or software compression? Undoubtedly, hardware compression card has much better performance and support more channels in one system. Most hardware compression boards support max. 32 chanels or even 64 channels in one system. 3. Does the supplier has strong linux development capability?
  4. Yes, there are some DVR run on DOM now. it will be the next generation PC Based DVR, due to its excellent stability and easily operation (just plug and play). Two kinds of DOM DVR: - With Linux OS and Linux DVR software builtin DOM; - With Windows XP embedded OS and windows dvr software inside. most dom dvr suppliers use Linux platform, since linux is the best platform for embedded design, and more stable. While some companies uses XPe, but few people will choose it. Some major players in Linux DVR supplier - DOM DVR: - VPON in Taiwan, working with their own software compression cards. - Softwell in Taiwan, working with their own software compression cards. - Linovision in China, working with hikvision DSP hardware compression cards. you can search more details in their website. Persanally, i think Linux PC DVR will be the trend.
  5. Security Consultant

    Hello from Ottawa, Canada

    Linovision Technologies has Linux PC DVR solutions working with all the Hikvision DVR cards.
  6. Security Consultant


    Hello jpetrilla, we provide the software you required. We know Hikvision very well (Our company just beside Hikvision headquarters), and many of our software are working on their card. DS4004M is their decoding card, we can do it. pls tell me the application.
  7. Hello pasmore, I think i can help you. The function of sequencing display is a basic function for DVR. all of our DVR software (WIndows based DVR or Linux based DVR) can do it. it support up to 64 channels real-time previewing with sequencing display by 1/4/8/16windows.
  8. Hello, i haven't heard any other software can work on these cards. In China, only a few of the top quality hardware encoding cards have choice of software applications, for example, Hikvision, Higheasy, etc.
  9. Hello Sliceman, I agree with Rory, almost all the good brand card can do it. but this seems not cost-effective. What you really want to do? If you just want to save transmission bandwidth, you can select one card with better compression algorithm, for example, H.264. Good card record data with 90M - 500MB per hour.
  10. Security Consultant

    Example of video output from my DVR

    Yes, the picture quality seems not very good. Pls see some good test clips and live demo in the website: http://www.codeoutsourcing.com/pages/downloads/demo/index.php You can also find specially designed DVR for mobile application there.
  11. Security Consultant

    Open Cash Register Drawer Remotely

    1. Many DVR supports remote relay, such as remote open a door, remote open a light, remote open a cash box. 2. There are some DVR can also overlay transaction data on video image by working with POS register. Therefore, the boss will monitor the transaction details on video images remotely. As i know, Geovision has such solution. and we can also craft such an application for you.
  12. 1. There are many cards support real-time recording for all the channels. As I know, most of hardware compression cards support it. 2. I agree with VST_Man that frame rate is not a determing factor for image quality. The factors affect image quality are such as software, compression algorithm, hardware, besdies camera, cable, and monitor. Among them, software design and compression algorithm may the mafor factor for image quality. Some software have many meansures to improve image quality, they can even dynamicall adjust algorithm to meet different transmission situation. 3. Technically, H.264 is the most advanced compression algorithm by now. In detail, * Up to 40% higher image quality * Over 60% savings on recording storage space * Truly "Live" performance despite variations in network transmission conditions But the meaning of "H.264" word is different from manufacturers. Few manufacturer can fulful real H.264 algorithm.
  13. Security Consultant

    Stand alone DVRs - two questions

    1. In my opinion, removable HDD works like tapes in VCR. When one disk is full, just replace it with a new one. Moreover, you can plug them into another PC for playback. 2. It is strongly recommendded CO-1000M series Mobile DVR, see link below: http://www.codeoutsourcing.com/pages/products/mdvr/1000m/index.php The mobile DVR is proved working pretty stable, which is the most important criteria for mobiel applciations. Ways to backup: 1) Using removbale disk, just as most of DVR do. 2) USB2.0 transmission port. 3) By network, wireless or ethernet. for example, in Wi-Fi area, you can just press one button to "bump" data to control center through wireless LAN. sound interesting, yes!
  14. Security Consultant

    Need advice on DVR card

    Do not worry about OS problem. Why not use Linux Version PC based DVR system. Linux version is much stable and copyright free. There are some software companies develop Linux Version PC based DVR on some high quality DVR cards. Yes, we have installed them successfully and showed on Intel Solution Summit 2006. It works but we do not suggest to do it. 64-ch system is not a "big" machine, it is just a normal PC, here is the config: Motherboard: Intel D945 GNT Video Card: ATI Radeon X550 128MB Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz Memory: 512MB - 1GB
  15. It is possible to make a 32-channel fully realtime preview and recording machine, we've even made a 64 channels system with 4pcs 16-ch card, the total fps is 1600. Here is the system configuration we tested: Motherboard: Intel D945 GNT Video Card: ATI Radeon X550 128MB Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz Memory: 512MB - 1GB