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  1. My EIR50 IR Illuminator is for sale on EBay via auction. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Everfocus-EIR50-IR-infrared-Illuminator-/121332170935?pt=US_Surveillance_Accessories&hash=item1c3ff600b7 Thanks!
  2. Hi, Since Everfocus' tech support has not replied to me and does not answer their phones, I want to see if anyone can help me figure out an issue. I have an Everfocus DVR model ECOR264-9x1. Using the "Main" video output from the DVR (a BNC connector), I have connected the DVR to my Sony 40" LCD TV (widescreen 1080p, etc.). As expected the images from my security cameras are "chopped" around the outer edges. In other words, some of my camera field of view is reduced. I assume (???) this is because the aspect ratio of the output signal from the DVR does not match that of my widescreen TV video the standard composite/RCA video input on the back of the TV. My question is this - I may buy a dedicated CCTV monitor (15" or 17"). How do I choose one which, with certainty, will display my camera images showing their FULL field of view without cropping them? Is this simply matter of choosing a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor? Appreciate any guidance if you have experience and knowledge in this regard! Have a great day!
  3. vmgtlexi

    Duplicate or Backup DVR Footage

    Good point. Thanks for the feedback. Have a great day!
  4. Hi, I have an Everfocus ECOR264-9X1 DVR. It has an eSATA port for an external hard drive, as well as a USB port. Is there a way to automatically backup recorded video footage on an ongoing "overwrite" basis using an external hard drive? I am just thinking of ways to have backups of video footage in the event my DVR is stolen during a break in. I realize the best protection is to have the DVR well-hidden, but appreciate other suggestions in addition to that strategy. Thanks!
  5. vmgtlexi

    DVR to 1080P Sony TV

    I checked all of my DVR settings. There does not appear to be any way to manipulate the output video format (4:3, 16:9, etc.). I also check the TV settings. None of the settings resolve this issue. Any other thoughts?? The DVR is recording the normal field of view of the cameras, so the only problem is the display of the images from the "Main" video out of the DVR via the BNC output. As I said, using a BNC/RCA video out from the DVR to the Sony HD TV causes my camera field of view to be trimmed or reduced along the edges. This should be a simple solution, or perhaps my DVR or TV are a mismatch? Thank you!
  6. vmgtlexi

    DVR to 1080P Sony TV

    DVR is Everfocus ECOR264-9X1. I understand I will not get anything close to 1080p. The main reason I need to transmit the video from the "Main" DVR BNC output to the TV is because I have only a very small space in my wall to run a wire (I would prefer to use a VGA cable, but do not have enough room in my drilled holes to run a VGA connector). I am relocating my DVR but want to retain the ability to view the cameras on my TV. From the new location of the DVR to the TV via my drilled holes and wall space, a VGA connector will not fit. Thus, that is why I need to use the BNC output from the DVR (it will fit through my holes and my wall). THANKS AGAIN!
  7. Hi All, I need to connect my CCTV DVR to my Sony 1080P using a RCA video cable (long story). The "Main" video out from my DVR is a BNC jack. So, I have a BNC-RCA adapter. Then, I connected a standard RCA video cable from the DVR to the "video in" on the back of my TV. That works fine, except.... HOWEVER, the images from my cameras are slightly cut off (or trimmed) when viewing them via the RCA video cable. For example, where I could previously see a door along the outer left edge of my camera's field of view using the VGA adapter, I cannot see that door using the RCA adapter. My images are slightly trimmed all around. I cannot find any settings in my TV which can fix this. I cannot find any settings on my DVR to fix this. Is there a trick?? I need to be able to use the RCA video cable but regain full view of my camera's field of view on the Sony TV. Thank you for a quick reply. I am working on this project ASAP!
  8. It is listed on EBay via the following link. The Reserve Price is $50. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Everfocus-EIR50-IR-infrared-Illuminator-/121268346268?pt=US_Surveillance_Accessories&hash=item1c3c281d9c
  9. vmgtlexi

    Sony Brand Camera - Sample Night Image

    Thank you! Yes, I fiddled with the dip switches. No changes. I think it's just "shame on me" for believing 98' of night vision claims.
  10. Just bought a Sony brand camera, model SSC-CB564R. It claims 98' of IR night vision. Attached is an image from this evening. Pretty pathetic. Now, this image was captured from my computer network access to my DVR, so there is some loss in that process. But, even viewing the live image at my DVR monitor, it's not much better.
  11. vmgtlexi

    4 year old Nuvico IR Bullet - Dying/Dead

    Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. I have not checked to be certain, but am pretty comfortable that the cable connectors are perfect. The cables are connected indoors in a climate controlled area. And, when I installed them, I wrapped them several times with electrical tape. I might check the voltage, but I suspect it's fine too. I have two other exact same cameras...one shows similar degradation due to age and the other does not. Also, the other cameras on the same system and power supply (but different makes/models of cameras) are all fine. The day-time image of this camera improves when the sun is at different brightness levels and/or when it's cloudy versus sunny. So, I think whatever mechanism the camera has inside to adjust to changing brightness must simply be dead. At night, the IR bulbs are likely just dead too. So, I suspect it's just how this make/model of camera ages and wears. Thanks again for any/all input.
  12. Looks like it's time for a new camera. Here are day and night shots from the same camera/same location. What's wrong with it (not that I am going to "fix" it, but am just curious)?
  13. Go easy on me...I know very little about IP cameras. I have existing siamese cabling (RG59 and power). I need to replace a dead camera. My current DVR is not old. It is an Everfocus ECOR264-9X1 (http://www.everfocus.com/product.cfm?productid=181). Can I install an IP camera in place of the existing (and dead) analog camera? That is, I would need to run the video over the existing RG59 with some sort of converter. And, can that signal work with my DVR? In other words, it would look like this: IP Camera with RJ45 out >> plugged into a converter to connect RJ45 to RG59 >> video signal sent over RG59 to DVR and attached to DVR via existing BNC connections. Image attached. I realize I would not get the image quality of the IP camera, but am thinking that if this works, having a somewhat future-proof IP camera in place might make sense?? Thanks!
  14. Can anyone recommend an accurate RG59 stripping tool? Is there one that you have found makes precise cuts out of the box? This will obviously be for attaching a BNC connector on the end (probably a twist-on but maybe a compression). Thanks!
  15. vmgtlexi

    Need help for a simple home system

    I don't have quite enough experience to say for sure, but I think the final image quality is a result of BOTH the quality of the camera AND the quality of the DVR. Even if that's not the case, you may find that pricier DVR's have certain features you want, or those features may be easier and more reliable on "better" DVRs. The difficult thing for us DIY'ers is to figure out which are reliable DVRs, which are worth more money than others, etc.. That gets to be a tough decision. Unfortunately, CCTV products are not reviewed by a reliable source (like Consumer Reports does for more common electronics). I have had 2 DVR's by Everfocus and have been happy with both. Each had a learning curve and required some time on the phone with tech support, but in the end both work as advertised and give me an image with which I am happy. I think the most important thing is that you get comfortable with the purchase before making the financial commitment, and be sure you understand your recourse if something goes wrong (return policy, warranty, etc.). You can sometimes get a feel for how well a company will support its products by asking them some pre-purchase questions. Are they responsive? Are their answers thorough, accurate and helpful? Or do they ignore you? Best of luck!