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  1. CAM1 is a mini PTZ 420tvl, no IR... CAM2 is a 420tvl vandaldome with 24ir leds, and CAM3 is a 540tvl vandaldome with 24ir leds
  2. erraville

    Intereference on Video

    Ok Sir Rory, will try to do that... also, is an RG6 w/ 90% braiding not also enough? I'm just not sure I can find rg59 here w/ 95% braiding... but the rg6 w/ 90% i have in stock...
  3. erraville

    Intereference on Video

    RG6U w/ Messenger, 60% braiding cable used, around 80 meters and using 10A central power supply with individual fuse of 1A per camera. also, as you can see on the picture, the electricity power lines are on the left post and the camera on the right post and they never came near each other.... about 5m apart... also, it's a private power transformer and only supplies power inside the compound and no other residences...
  4. erraville

    Intereference on Video

    Hi, thank you for the quick reply... is there a balun or something that can be put to avoid interference? or transferring is the only solution? thank you very much errol
  5. Hi, can anyone please help me what to do with my cctv with 2 channels showing waves like there is water inside but there isn't and also, the image has stripes like that of jeans pants? but when i use camera tester, the camera has a very clear image... and also, when i insert other cameras on channel 1, it is also clear... probably the cable but i used same cable on all cameras and some are longer than this with no problems... although the location of the camera hope someone can help...