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  1. I have 10 Acti KCM-5611 Parking lot cameras I would like to find a replacement for. I run milestone servers and love the night capabilities of these cameras but the plastic front and back covers don't hold up to the UV rays from the sun. Any ideas where to start? Thanks
  2. I need to build a new NVR to replace my old system. How do I figure out how big of a system to build? I'm running Milestone with the following cameras set for motion only recording. (2) Axis 241Q Encoder (8 analog cameras at 4cfi @ 15fps) (3) Acti KCM 5611 1920x1080 @ 15 fps (1) Axis Cube 640X480 @ 15 fps (2) Acti Cube 1280X960 @ 15fps (1) Acti 1280X1024 @ 18fps I plan on slowly switch the analog to IP cameras as fund become available. I'm running three 3T drives that I replace about every 70 days to keep two years of recording. Suggestions on which processor and board would be greatly appreciated. David
  3. Hey! I have 2 ACTi KCM-5611's and I love them, but, I don't need the zoom capabilities. Are there any less expensive outdoor cameras that have as good low light capabilities?
  4. dbeyer

    Where to buy ACTI kcm5611

    i buy mine at B & H Photo
  5. During Hurricane Sandy my camera server lost power and after a reboot, all of the cameras had changed IP addresses. I re-configured all of the cameras except 2, which can not be accepted into the Milestone software. What is interesting is I can view the camera and change it's settings in the IP Utility and everything seems peachy until I go to milestone. What is even weirder and what I believe is the issue, is whenever I type in my password to set up the new camera instead keeping the text I type ****** it auto-corrects to a longer password ********. I have no idea why it does that but that may be part of the issue. Thanks for this great site and anticipated responses. David
  6. My retailer takes up to 72 hours to get Licenses from Milestone. Is this normal and how can I check to see if my retailer is a certified reseller. David
  7. Take a look at the Rohn push-up masts here- http://rohnnet.com/rohn-telescoping-masts. It appears that both buildings are two story. If you get on the roof of them, you will probably only need twenty to thirty feet of additional height to clear most trees, unless you have something else really big in the way. The NanoStations are very light, and a very small wind load area, they don't need a massive structure to support them. As I mentioned, the NanoStation M2's (2.4 GHz) can penetrate a reasonable amount of foliage at the distances you are describing. If you can get LOS with masts, NanoStation M5's (5.8 GHz) would be the way to go, for less interference issues. Wow, I love all the comments! Thanks everyone. Building height is actually 2.5 story, 3 stacked apartment units with 1/2 story below grade. Where is the best place to purchase? If any of the contributors to this post sell NanoStation please pm me. Meanwhile I downloaded Microdem trying to figure accurate LOS heights. Anybody know of easier software? David
  8. Thanks Hardwired! I'll collect more data. I'll try to evaluate how high I would need to go to achieve LOS. Any suggestions how? Meanwhile I'll check out the Ubiquiti NanoStation M2's. David
  9. Looking to connect 2 apartment buildings to add to existing Milestone IP system. Buildings are 1,000 ft apart and about a 20 ft elevation difference. Looking for non line of site system with enough bandwidth for four 1.3 mp cameras. Is this possible and has anyone had any experience with any of these systems? Thanks, for all the great work on this site. David PS see attached pic.
  10. dbeyer

    ***SOLD***Acti ACM-5611 and Fujinon MP lens

    Is this camera still available and what is the new price? David
  11. I'm doing a similar project, 8 buildings, 11 units per building. My system is a hybrid with 12 analog cameras. I want to add 5 IP cameras where can I get pricing information on Avigilon? David (609) 304-9372
  12. I looking to buy a new capture card. Anybody had any experience with ether of these cards? Aver NV6480E16 or Geo Vision GV-1480A I think with the GV card I need to disable the ATI video on the motherboard and run with a compatibility video. Will that work? Suggestions, advice or experience will be very much appreciated! David
  13. dbeyer

    Card Upgrade

    AVerMedia or Geovision Any suggestion would be appreciated. David
  14. dbeyer

    Card Upgrade

    Resolution is set on CIF and when I try to change it to 4CIF the software restarts the server but reverts to CIF. Unisight Professional software.
  15. I built a computer for a camera server at a 88 unit (8 buildings) apartment complex to cover building entrance doors, parking lots, and trash dumpsters. I'm presently running 8 cameras but want to add more and would like ability to add ip cameras in the future. I built a robust machine (quad core, 4GB ram, 2TB WD black drives) but got talked into a cheep ($500) 16 camera card by a local outfit recommended by ADI. The card's resolution stinks. The local retailer now only sells Geo Vision cards and they are $125 cheaper than anywhere else on the web. How can I be sure they are not clones and is Geo Vision the best card for my needs? How do they compare to AVerMedia? I need a good 16 capture card with the capabilities of adding IP cameras. Any recommendations will be appreciated. David