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  1. Is it decent software, and what is it's name?
  2. Lloyd

    Lens Question

    I have been running WV-CP484 with a Tamron 13VG20100AS-SQ 20-100mm F/1.6 Aspherical for over two years. It monitors the last half of my 1100' driveway. I can't read licese plates at the far end, but I can sure see what is going on. Palomino, what part of Wisc do you live in? I live in South central Wisc.
  3. Lloyd

    License Plate Recognition Cameras

    I run a CP484. I have not run across any setting in this camera that says "Peak White Inversion", or anything similar. I also scanned over the Operating Instructions, and saw no reference to anything like it. But I am just a DIYer, and I could be overlooking it. You can Google for info on the camera, and find a pdf file with the complete Operating Instructions.
  4. Lloyd

    Samsung SCC C4301

    PhotoShop ..... "Invert" command will do it.
  5. Lloyd

    Bosch camera questions

    I got a few Bosch questions .... (1) Is it the Bosch LTC 495 that is discribed by cctv_down_under in the photo below as the "Bosch True Day/Night"? http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=6562&highlight=camera+comparison --------------- (2) When I look at the spec pdf file for the LTC 495 series, I have a question. I see 495/11 and 495/21 are for the low voltage models, and 495/51 and 495/61 are for the higher volatge models. I don't see any expaination as to the difference between the 11 and 21 on the first, and the 51 and 61 on the second. Could someone please tell me? -------------- (3) When using the Bilinx method of setting up this camera, what type of connector is required to establish the connection? The pdf shows a T connection in the cable that runs from camera to recorder. What type of connection is at the T ? Do you just clamp onto the cable with a connector that comes with the camera??? Do they provide 'Bilinx software' that you install and run on the PC you use for making changes in camera settings. Thanks guys.
  6. Lloyd

    Separate section on lenses?

    Long as we're talkin about lens ..... Are these things any good??
  7. I just had to show you guys this ..... Fair surveillance video, really bad driving
  8. Lloyd

    Nice View

    Ya, it's been real strange for weather this year. I have enjoyed an unusually warm winter so far with very little snow .... while I've seen many other places in the US get just pounded with crap weather. Denver has really cought hell, and you guys in Oklahoma too. Let's see, Washington state has been beaten up .... east coast, California, Ohio, .... man .....eveybody but us in the Wisconsin area. I'm not complaining, I just don't understand it. I feel very lucky ..... and sorry for the many people affected by the mess.
  9. Lloyd

    testing voltage

    Yes, current in a series circuit should measure the same at all points.
  10. Lloyd

    Nice View

    Yep, today was the second snow storm of the season here is Wisconsin. First one was about 3", and todays was about 4". Very easy winter so far ...... muz be the global warming thingy .....
  11. I used a Samsung Hi8 camcorder as my GeoVision input for years! To get it to give me a video signal out, I had to: Turn the camera on, with no tape in it, and leave the cassette door open. I had the ice cube power supply adaptor powered from a UPS. That way it remembered focus ( I used manual focus option ), and other settings that would change on me when power went off. At night I would shut off the camcorder, and in the morning I would start it back up. This sometimes caused an accidental change of the camera position. The new CCTV camera I replaced it with remembers everything with power loss. That is a big improvement for me. The picture quality of the CCTV camera is better. It took me awhile to get the focus right, but I am a noob at this stuff. Towards evening, my CCTV camera will see better longer then the camcorder. And if/when I add some IR to my target area, the mechanical cut filter on the CCTV camera will give me a reason to leave the camera run 24/7. Overall, I am pleased with my change from the camcorder to the CCTV camera ..... and I am sure a properly trained and experienced CCTV installer would be able to make additional improvements. If you have a quality camera, your problem could be simply finding the right ajustments/settings.
  12. Lloyd

    Seasons Greetings folks!

    Merry Christmas to all !!! I have enjoyed reading and learning from this forum thru 2006, and look forward to the discussions of 2007. Thanks! .. to all who have shared their knowledge. May your hollidays be joyful !
  13. Not all new APC backups are created equal! I thought I was getting a good deal when I bought a APC Back-UPS ES 650 from Dell. Not so good of deal .... The sticker on the bottom says it's a DL 650T. It not only did not include software and comm cable, ... but it also has no jack for the comm cable to plug into! Later I purchased another APC 650 ES. ( not from Dell ) The sticker says it is a BE 650R. Came with cable and software ..... and cable jack! Bottom line .... know your model numbers before you buy ... not all APC Back-UPS ES650 units are created equal.
  14. Lloyd

    Geovision 800 compared to my SwannDvr4NrtPlus

    I'm pretty sure DIY means, "Do It Yourself"
  15. .... unless the new software release will not work with your card because it isn't a new enough card version.