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  1. I will appreciate if anyone can confirm compatability between Avigilon Control Center and Hikvision cameras in terms of recording synchronized video and audio? TIA
  2. Thanks for the information. one encoder sold, list updated.
  3. 1 x 16MP HD Pro + 70-200mm AF Canon lens (optional) 2 x 5MP HD PRO (Box camera) 2 x 4CH Encoder The cameras and encoders are part of a demo kit purchased from Avigilon and were never installed. Losing exclusivity in our country, it is now useless for us, so we are flexible with the price.
  4. There are differences: - Reliability of hardware and software design, motion detection that can be trusted. - Storage expansion capabillities (eSata, NAS, Proprietary) - Storng CMS software that can handle lots of systems together, in a usable way, and other features like multi-monitor support, automated networked backups, etc.. - Better GUI design with multiple channel playback. - Higher level technical support for complex applications. But as said, most of these are only required for specific applications, or specific clients, and the gap narrows over time.
  5. loop

    CnM Secure 4 Channel H.264 DVR

    Hm, does that go for the firmware too, as there seem to be an update here. Cheers! CJ Difference in firmware would usually be when applying different front panels, so consider the risk of only being able to operate the system with a mouse or remote.
  6. loop

    CnM Secure 4 Channel H.264 DVR

    You'll need a proprietary player to play the backup files. You can get all you need here: http://www.q-see.com/products/security-product.php?ProductId=166 Same product...
  7. Rory, Few months ago some models could only playback 4ch, didn't check since then. Personally I don't like their playback user interface, but it's fine once you get used to it.
  8. Maybe feeding it with higher voltage? TVT is a good company and makes good products when compared to other chinese makers.
  9. This unit comes from Nadatel, Korea. Chinese makers with huge engineering power progress very rapidly, but still need some polish when it comes to client software and user interfaces design (time-lined playback for example). You can count the ones that are user friendly on one hand. Hardware platforms (HiSilicon) are same for almost all chinese dvr's, so there will not be any significant difference in codec performance.
  10. q-see qt428 8ch dvr is made by TVT, one of the good chinese dvr makers, along with dahua.
  11. Kowa has a new 5MP VF/AI IR corrected lens. Tested to perform better than the 3MP Fujinon (non IR Corrected) under any conditions.
  12. There is a growing number of media streaming service providers offering IP camera relay services. you can easily find a few by searching for "ip camera streaming". If you want to have your own hosted server that will act as a video relay server between the ip camera and the monitoring clients, you can try Unreal Media Server (not sure about the 60sec cut-off though): http://www.umediaserver.net/umediaserver/index.html