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  1. Ken Layton

    CCTV Camera - water ingress

    Condensation from temperature changes?
  2. Could you use some type of solar charger/controller to charge a deep cycle battery or a sealed lead acid battery?
  3. Ken Layton

    How to wire my DIN 6 pin cameras to pc

    Lorex makes these two DIN 6 pin adapters that have standard camera connectors: http://www.lorextechnology.com/accessories-for-security-cameras/6-PIN-DIN-to-RCA-BNC-and-Power-converter-cable-for-cctv/2150.p http://www.lorextechnology.com/accessories-for-security-cameras/RCA-BNC-and-Power-to-6-PIN-DIN-converter-cable/2149.p
  4. Ken Layton

    Hidding a CCTV DVR

    Atlas Sound makes "in-wall" tilt out cabinets that allow you to put the DVR into a wall and it has ventilation grills. Here are links to the two models: http://www.atlassound.com/Product/1145/1142/RACKS-CABINETS/TILTOUTS/AWR3W http://www.atlassound.com/Product/1146/1142/RACKS-CABINETS/TILTOUTS/AWR2W
  5. Lorex does indeed make cable adapters that go from Lorex's 6 pin DIN connector to normal camera connectors. Here are links to two of these adapters: http://www.lorextechnology.com/accessories-for-security-cameras/6-PIN-DIN-to-RCA-BNC-and-Power-converter-cable-for-cctv/2150.p http://www.lorextechnology.com/accessories-for-security-cameras/RCA-BNC-and-Power-to-6-PIN-DIN-converter-cable/2149.p They will plug into the existing Lorex cables you already have.
  6. I just repaired the black and white monitor used in the Harbor Freight 66556 two camera system. The monitor came in with a "no vertical deflection" symptom (flat horizontal line across the face of the tube). I found capacitors C24 (2200 uf @ 10 volts) and C34 (3.3 uf @ 160 volts) were bad on the main board. Replacing them restored the monitor to proper operation again. I have made a repair guide for this monitor and it is here: http://www.arcade-museum.com/manuals-monitors/Harbor%20Freight%2066556%20Monitor%20Repair%20Guide.pdf
  7. Have you shut the whole system down, waited a minute, then rebooted everything?
  8. Ken Layton

    Hidden Pinhole Cameras w/IR Capability

    Could you mount an IR illuminator somewhere in the room?
  9. I have a friend with several Speco Pro Video model CVC-7WMTDV vandal resistant outdoor dome cameras outside his restaurant. While doing routine maintenance (cleaning the inside and outside of the plastic domes), I have found the black o-rings inside that seal out the moisture are cracked or falling apart. I've tried several times ordering the o-rings from my local Speco camera distributor, but the distributor tells me, "Speco said the camera is too old and they do not support it at all. No parts available, Sorry". So, it appeared I could not get those black o-rings. The originals are JIS B2401 (Japan Industry Standard, B2401, metric o-ring) and Speco's parts list for this model camera did list the original JIS numbers. G-140 which crosses to Parker # 2-160 N674-70. This is the larger black o-ring that seals the halves of the camera housing. G-100 which crosses to Parker # 2-241 N674-70. This is the smaller black o-ring that seals the plastic dome itself. Turns out I have a local Parker brand o-ring distributor (Industrial Hydraulics in Tumwater, Washington) just a half mile down the road from my Speco camera dealer. I took the old o-rings in with me and the friendly, helpful staff came up with Parker brand o-rings that were pretty darn close to the originals and were only $2.26 and $1.80 each. I bought several and they fit the cameras perfectly. I swapped out all the o-rings on all the cameras and all is well again.
  10. Ken Layton

    Hidding the DVR

    This thread should help: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=27094&hilit=dvr+wall+mount Atlas Sound makes a "tilt out in-wall" cabinet that locks (model AWR2W). If your DVR has rack mount ears or has a rack mount kit for it, then you can use this cabinet. It gets built into the wall and it has vents. Here is a link to the specs of it: http://www.atlassound.com/Product/1146/1142/RACKS-CABINETS/TILTOUTS/AWR2W
  11. Ken Layton

    Cam Lens vs Afternoon Sun

    Can you fabricate some sort of shade or visor for that camera?
  12. Ken Layton

    Kindly help with a good dome camera

    I just got a Vitek model VTD-A2812/I indoor dome camera and am very happy with it. Here is the manufacturer's page with the specifications of it: http://www.vitekcctv.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductID=691
  13. Ken Layton

    Manuals upload here?

    When I try to upload a manual I get an error message: "The extension pdf is not allowed."
  14. Ken Layton

    Manuals upload here?

    Can I upload an old Speco camera manual here? I've got a great scan I did of the Speco CVC-7WMTDV dome camera manual. Speco doesn't even have it on their website any more nor do they even mention this model.
  15. Ken Layton

    anything that typically goes bad in cameras

    Bad solder joints on the board. Failed electrolytic capacitors. Connector problems (look for corrosion too). Water/moisture inside camera. Power good at camera location?