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    Be aware of Chinese company(Eonboom-in GuangZhou)

    Hi Dude, It's really a bad story and did you ever phone call that company? Does rep disappear from your sight? I have check this company and them seems exist in a long while. Anyway I hope you can get back those money.
  2. joseph.chen0312

    HD TVI press release by Hikvision

    Hello Guys, That is not HD-SDI, gerneral called" HD OVER Coaxial cable" which is adopted EOC ( ethernet over Coaxial) solution.
  3. joseph.chen0312

    What is our best option?

    Hi m_bahraman, Answer is NO. but you may try upgrade new firmware to see does it works. http://www.pixord.com/en/support.php?category=4&model=25
  4. joseph.chen0312

    Pelco Spectra III Camera Head Issue

    Yes each one brand model has own dedicated circuity layout.
  5. joseph.chen0312

    Optex RLS 3060 Laser

    Optex is excellent brand for IR/PIR sensor.
  6. joseph.chen0312

    Swann HD Camera very blocky

    It's should be noise for the camera is not well at low lux enviroment.
  7. joseph.chen0312

    Buying server to work as NVR

    QNAP, NUUO, Synology good choice
  8. joseph.chen0312

    Disabeling or covering IR LEDs

    Quick way for you to intall camera connect one DVR then output to TV via HDMI. Even for speak out the onsite sound, you can install a microphone to DVR then hook up speaker to audio out port of TV.
  9. joseph.chen0312

    Big fat bundle of coax. 80 cams installed What next?

    Reduce 80 cams to thin cable I guess there are two way would be better, one is twist cable or fiber cable. I would like take fiber cable personally. Then, for Redundance, which is incoporate NAS or RAID something to back up. As for clip function which depends on DVR and/or NAS functions.
  10. joseph.chen0312

    Fisheye Camera Coverage

    I would like to recommend you for Arecontvision multidirection camera to intersection at aisle.
  11. joseph.chen0312

    HD-CVI, AHD, HD Analog ?

    Nice sharing. But as I know that not really true for some information. I.e. those three all able to triplex DVR HD+Analog+IP which dependss on manufacture stragtegy on price and market promotion. Yes AHD is developed by Korean Nextxhip for beating CVI and TVI. With regards to optical qaulity, which depends on which brand, size and type CMOS to deployed. Most CVI sensor seems is China made so which not well to compare SONY and APTINA. More tricky is I found some supplier offer 1M camera for lower price to catch your eyeball.
  12. joseph.chen0312

    is the picture quality of these cameras i bought normal?

    camera for shows up color(purple) fringed arround window. It's real poor performance for programmed parameter.
  13. joseph.chen0312

    IR CUT Cameras

    I guess that mean True ICR not IR-Pass/Cut filter.
  14. Yes at present cat5/6 and RG59/6 you can extend distance upto 3KM via repeater. Crucial point as folks point out " power supply" and I would like to add one more opinion for two camera would be better at entrance for capture in and out footage.
  15. joseph.chen0312

    Controlling varifocal camera

    Yes the camera sould be built-in motorize zoom lens and featured RS485 port for you remote control. Samsung is a nice choice for you.
  16. joseph.chen0312

    what solution for these blur record

    Where to cathc those picture, DVR or remote device? It render jagged pixel and seems from remote device? Check recording and display resolution as well as substream.
  17. joseph.chen0312

    IR Reflection

    Hi, You may consider catch fragment of footage for us to see what it really is?
  18. joseph.chen0312

    Facial Recognition and Shoplifting Database

    Yes I agree with ilk because you are private company not public section. Thsoe data base is impossible to share for you or security company. Only one way to do is store all of staff face to facial recognise system, then some strange guy would be pick up via system.
  19. joseph.chen0312

    Ultra High Image Quality Camera

    Hi, I think Mobotix has some good gear for you i.e. two direction camera which allow you adjust angle (to see Head and Tail when car pass away)
  20. joseph.chen0312

    Best Module for Weather Observation

    I am please recommend you consider HD-SDI PTZ W/ True ICR. That would be better for you.
  21. joseph.chen0312

    Cabling for CCTV across the building to building

    Yes I total agree for Fiber to be temporal line.
  22. joseph.chen0312

    Help finding same/equivalent 380TVL bullet camera

    Hello Mitch, May I know which field you are tend to applicate? And lens is fix f=12mm or Varifocal Lens? Most important is why need build thermostat to controal internal temperature. Does it need IR LED?
  23. joseph.chen0312

    What Is Going On With My Cameras.....

    It's seem to camera intrinsic problem, which brand and model did you deploy? Is there some camera you may try to replace those one and see how it is. I assume, some probable reason, one ICR isn't work properly, 2nd is LENs DC is faulty.
  24. joseph.chen0312

    DVR Back up through NAS

    Hello Folks, Consult with your opinion for the case, where deployed 7 units of 16ch DVR for long constant recording. Now the client require to schedule back up 4 month lasting at NAS, crucial issue is all the DVR no support map NAS system. Please kindly offer your thoughts or any possible solutions. Thank you in advance.
  25. joseph.chen0312

    Dahua HD-CVI systems

    Hello Folks, Nice to hear from you share this valuable info. Actually, I also wonder how is CVI, TVI perform all day. I have seen those perform well at day time but bad at night/dark time. Especially, I found if those stuff install at car moving site, the car will appear streaks(draging shadow). Futher more they claim transmit distance upto 500M, I really question does it true?