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    Dahua products manufacturer

    Hello Guys, For I learned, one's background is military and another is armed police. Further more is most DSP for DVR and NVR is hisilicon whom is sub-company of Huawei. They also goverment sustain and cultivate.
  2. Hello May I know which issue you have face for? And how is overall evaluation for the products and company? Thank you in advance.
  3. joseph.chen0312

    Response CCTV System

    Hello Chad, Sorry late reply you. It most like CCTV switch/quard/ multiplexer. Crucial issue is most is BNC connector not mini DIN.
  4. I just saw the news on Engadget, which means you need to upgrade M5 V firmware.
  5. joseph.chen0312

    Response CCTV System

    Hello, May I what is your main purpose for this gear?
  6. joseph.chen0312

    Security System for a Car Wash

    Check out the Bosch Ex14 which allow you under extreme enviroment and resist high and low temperature.
  7. joseph.chen0312

    making a video still clearer

  8. joseph.chen0312


    Axxon is ver nice and flexible for you request and if you need enhance some functions/de-buggs rapidly.
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    Looking for Feedback 3S Vision Taiwan

    Overall qaulity is fine for med-type, feedback from my clients.
  10. joseph.chen0312

    KND KDR-1662V-E Bad firmware only 4 ch

    Do you have old one firmware the install DVR again.
  11. joseph.chen0312

    Viewing of Camera not Active Something Error

    Hello would you like to more specific on which problem for remote site view?
  12. joseph.chen0312

    video- watching the snow storm go by

    Nice footage and may you sahre which brand and model to this camera?
  13. joseph.chen0312

    who is producer of this dvr ?

  14. joseph.chen0312

    Powering the DVR on and off

    if blower is too louder you may remove it and you access main menu for check record set up. It should be allow you default periods you tend to recording.
  15. joseph.chen0312

    Alarms over IP

    You may want ALARM console with IP function.
  16. yes you can check Korean brand such as CNB, SAMSUNG, KT&C .. you will finding out.
  17. joseph.chen0312

    Powering the DVR on and off

    You may consider setup recording timeline, day is recording and night w/o recording then you will not see anything.
  18. joseph.chen0312

    DVR manufacturer? client software?

    Hi Actually, now one know which brand for those incomplete info.
  19. joseph.chen0312

    Reset a brand-less CCTV DVR

    If you can't access the DVR you may try detach HDD then instal another DVR and it may works. otherwise you can try some recover software.
  20. joseph.chen0312

    PTZ cam does not work at night

    Hello this PTZ power supply require is 3A and consuption is 24W so 1.2A not enough to power up when IR ON at night time
  21. joseph.chen0312

    Interference using cat5 on analog systems

    For avoid interference you better take cat5 or coaxial cable w/STP
  22. joseph.chen0312

    Onvif Version Compatibility

    Not only limited some specific function, so why all NVR, IPC and NAS suplier will disclosed compliance list on their portal.
  23. joseph.chen0312

    Onvif Version Compatibility

    Basically, its must conform among 2.3, 2.0....but you have to check compliance list on NVR, IPC, NAS.
  24. joseph.chen0312

    silmultaneous recording or mirroring on 2 dvrs

    For IP and NVR you may set up UNICAST/MULTICAST if you versed in config network framwork. or for equipped splitter at CVBS port then hook up two DVR.
  25. joseph.chen0312

    Cantonk & Longse

    Same factory and actually, they has 4 company name and claim cheapest price in the China. And how is evaluation for quality, it depends on horse for course.