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    hikvision grainy at night

    Actually, as I learned, key issue is the cam is built-in fix lesn not Vari-focal for you aim ROI.
  2. joseph.chen0312

    Camera going bad?

    Yes it seems ICR out of order.
  3. joseph.chen0312

    Help!!!! 8CH/RJ45/BNC switcher???

    Hi Guy, Are you kidding, those DIY kit is IPC+ NVR. Why you need to RJ45 to BNC convertor?
  4. you also availabe to set up which resolution at main and sub stream for how high level you want to gobble
  5. joseph.chen0312

    Auto switcher for TV

    CCTV Modulator
  6. joseph.chen0312

    iCatch dvr need p2p access key ???

    Hi, I have check, you need to pay one year fee then they would give you a account to use this service.
  7. joseph.chen0312

    WD1 DVR - What Cameras?

    TVL for analogue camera not for HD/Digital camera, are you sure?
  8. joseph.chen0312

    Can't find compatible NVR

    Check with milestone
  9. joseph.chen0312

    Poor Imag Quality 960H Cameras

    The image shows up it seems over brightness. It means not well programmed at parameter.
  10. Actually, the unit is CMOS not CCD so you will feel worst in picture.
  11. joseph.chen0312

    max recording for DVR and related analog TVL

    1000TVL camera which is not exist on the market. Actually, its 800TVL camera for utilized SONY IMX 138 + FH8520 ISP( china made). You can record it by WD1(960H) DVR and it would be fine.
  12. joseph.chen0312

    Help me with a system Design

    count me in
  13. joseph.chen0312

    Processor Question for new residential system

    You better consider take more high resources i.e. i7 and independent VGA card.... for next advance gear coming.
  14. joseph.chen0312

    how to find 700tvl or not?

    Actually, the one is CMOS so not sure does it real 700TVL or not. For standart 700TVL correct effctive pixel is NTSC: 976*494; PAL: 976*582. Also called"WD1" as your video grapper is D1 format.
  15. Yes it affordable to play well but you better check does Synology with Foscam compliance even those under ONVIF platform.
  16. joseph.chen0312

    Picture quality on the ebay cheap DVR's

    800TVL is limited in D1 resolution? I don't think so because as 700TVL which is specific size "WD1". BTW, I would like add some thread on 800TVL camera most they were utilized CMOS not CCD so it commonly render high noise in the night time as well as abberation in green, red or purple color.
  17. joseph.chen0312

    Strange DVR problem

    It probably inherent firmware not support new IE 11V. In these days most DVR has face this louse problem particularly in MicroSoft update. Two way, one is update new firmware or down IE version. Cheers
  18. joseph.chen0312

    12volt camera channel box and dvr for race car

    YOu may consider GoPro which is professional for most kind of sporting.
  19. joseph.chen0312

    Have you tried EFFIO-A ?

    Hello, Yes Effio-A is cheapest effio DSP which ripped out some function for cost down.
  20. joseph.chen0312

    What is 4K

    4 times 1080P
  21. joseph.chen0312

    4140+673 VS ICX811AK

    For original characterics comparision ICX673 is better in mini illumination but you know sometimes base on art of paramter programming and mechanism design.
  22. joseph.chen0312

    Sudden bad picture quality across all cams

    You may replace the cable and/or connector on both end of cable to see how.
  23. joseph.chen0312


    vivotek or ACTI also good pocket choice
  24. joseph.chen0312


    YES 2.1M 1080P/i, 720P/i
  25. joseph.chen0312

    Just can't find a special spy cam...

    You may searching the Animal Cam which is similar to a degree to you requested.