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  1. Yes, in this case, IP would be beter choice for decrease amount of camera by adopt some high(3M or 5M) resolution to view some big open space/Scene. Furthermore is somebrand able to incoporate barcode scanner to manage all stocks.

  2. For analog filed TVL is meaning, 380, 480....700TVL. For digital filed, VGA(480), 720P and 1080P ... Actually, I never know where those 800, 900 and above 1000TVL theory-base from. Anyway, you can try to install camera to your DVR then to see how quality is

  3. Wow, "misleading" is a heavy word. Actually, pick which solutions or products all depedns on local channel promotion, education, service and intrinsic quality. Even for TVI supplier but offer different qaulity, service, lifespan..


    More turth, some turnkey provide has announce some solution for intergrated AHD and TVI. And CVI has already integrated SDI be alliance.


    Who knows someday TVI, CVI and AHD able to all in one, same as IPC.

  4. Yes, actually, there are amny supplier offer AHD, SDI systems on the market. With regard to AHD cam modulate to Analog, it's depends on electric circuity board design.


    You may check is there OSD cable controller or one CVBS plug output at tail.