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  1. I too never got EZVIZ to work as advertised. If it did work would it make a P2P connection without port forwarding? I have a job with internet but no access to router management. I would love to get my NVR from Hik to go through the firewall. Just wondering.
  2. My recollection is under "Camera" then "Schedule" then under "Advanced" tab. At one point I had the same problem--Dahua's seems to be in a more logical location. FWIW:I do like the motion detect algorithms from Hik far better than Dahua.
  3. I have noticed some issues also. But it maybe the horrible DSL circuit at one of my customers businesses. The other issue with Hik has been with the Turbo DVR TVI units ( the only style of Hik I have used) DDNS. It will not let you use the browser method to set it--after putting in the domain name it brings back a "not valid" response. I finally had to use a directly connected HDMI monitor to set it. The hik-online.com site shows this unit off and on-line frequently. OT--It would be nice to have these Hik DVR's have some sort of scheduled reboot like the Dahua units have--seems to solve connectivity issues. OT--The Hik HDTVI DVR motion detection is far superior to the sh*&ty Dahua as I have discovered with the 4 units I have installed (1000% better motion detection)
  4. I too have had nothing but trouble with the DDNS service from Hik-Vision. With the only units I have done (DS-7204/7208HQHI-SH), they will not accept any DDNS using the Hik service or my company Dyndns account. My dyndns account works fine on Dahua and the Verizon Fios router so that's not the issue. I talked to Hikvision in california today and the technician logged into one of the 3 DVR's in question and had no luck either. Mentioned that it is an issue when he tried and got a "not valid" response also. Also I found out that the plug-in for Mac Safari browsers won't do live video however playback worked fine. I guess they are working on a patch for next month. BTW--can you do continuous recording plus motion like Dahua?, can't seem to do that(not one of the options in the schedule section)
  5. Curious how to get both continuous and motion recording working on this unit. Picked one up at my supplier and they indicate it will only do continuous or motion but not both. My recording time bar is yellow (manual) but my cameras are all set to motion only. Seems puzzling, the Dahua product has no problem doing this across all their platforms. Any ideas?
  6. eos

    Dahua CVI-M DVR

    Would be good to know, I also purchase through that supplier but have yet to pull the trigger on that technology. What I have seen from using the IP 720 eyeball cameras is far superior to analog. The CVI cameras look identical. The issue which I would like to know is can you set all the WDR and BLC and day/night schedules on this CVI camera directly through the DVR? The individual set-up of each IP camera directly through the network lets you optimize each location. The settings in the NVR are pretty basic and don't let you do individual BLC patterns or schedules. The other issue is a lot of my jobs have a mixture of cat-5 baluns and rg-59 which makes it difficult to transition.
  7. I have several jobs with the same issue of day/night switching, so I put each Dahua camera on it's own schedule to switch manually between day and night. However for no rhyme or reason, some cameras just go back to full time "day". Does the Dahua NVR cause this or is there some sort of software glitch? My authorized rebranded U.S. supplier has been of no help in this. Also no one there seems to know anything about why the motion pattern in each Dahua IP camera is nice and flexible with threshold and sensitivity, the Dahua NVR still has the detect squares and sensitivity from 1-5. Which means changing the detect pattern in the NVR erases the pattern set in the camera and overwrites it with a poor substitute. Do you think the NVR firmware will mesh with the IP camera detect settings at some point? I figure I will never know Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I was wondering does the Dahua or other brand HD-SDI DVR's let you do full configuration of each camera without going to each camera and using an analog monitor? With IP cams you can get into the web interface of each for full configuration.
  9. Just connect mouse to NVR with a monitor connected, go into "menu" under "display" you should see "tour", check the box then uncheck all of the boxes except the (tour) that you desire. Any pattern you choose will stay upon a reboot. The issue with the cameras in wrong order would be solved by deleting all cameras under remote device and re-enroll them in the order you prefer.
  10. Regarding the new firmware, we have the Dahua 1.3 megapixel eyeball cams and bullets going to the 32 channel non-poe NVR with latest firmware in all items from Gen4. The puzzling issue is that motion detection in camera has the new threshold and sensitivity features, and the NVR does not. Therefore if you set it in the camera and then apply any setting under "detect" in NVR you will have changed everything in the camera. Basically getting a continuous motion recording situation and ruining whatever patterns you have set up. The new firmware in camera only gives 4 adjustable squares for motion detection areas, the NVR has anything you want with only a global 1 to 5 sensitivity level. Therefore no meshing between camera and NVR. Has anyone overcome this or is there new firmware for the NVR that has the new motion settings? Also what would cause the cameras to change their profile schedule day/night back to full? Kinda a pisser to find all your cameras on this job going back to color when you have set them to go black/white at night a week later randomly. Clock is set in each camera properly with the correct time in each one. Seems like a bug to me, the mfg. has not helped in any of the above issues. Thoughts?
  11. We are an alarm company that uses G4 and with the latest firmware and optimizer firmware installed in a 32 channel NVR with cameras with latest firmware, I noticed the threshold bar using Web Service in IE. I clicked on detect and it shows up for a split second then the old style screen comes back similar to what the poster said above. What is up with this? Is the new style of "detect" far superior to the old way. I do not like the current way, it has not been too effective for our company. Maybe someone could find out. Thanks
  12. So you are referring to getting into those cameras (built-in web server) directly that are plugged into the 4 POE ports via WAN or LAN or you cannot view anything over WAN due to not being able to port forward the NVR? Seems that I would want to view my NVR via WAN. So restated, I can still set up cameras via the NVR but the NVR would prevent me from getting into each camera directly after plugging them into the built-in POE switch? So the only work-around would be to not purchase this 4 port POE unit and get the regular NVR and just use an external POE switch with the NVR plugged into the same common network switch as the POE switch? Looks like G4 has listed the new vertical desktop version NVR on their website.
  13. Bump Still wondering if a 4 x 4 quad view could be done with the Fast viewer or maybe if you could pull the corner to make it bigger like the single view remote viewer? Thanks
  14. Rory, Is there a way to have simple view as a 4 x 4 window for 16 cameras? I've got one customer with 3 locations : Main office using a 32 chan ICrealtime (25 channels) using PSS, remote office using 16 chan ICR using web browsing IE to display these and another office having a 16 channel GenIV. It is a PIA to get the girls in this office to get all the cameras up. It would be way easier to just have one computer having 4 x 4 simple view on desktop then extended desktop monitor having a 4 x 4 simple view and possibly putting in another video card into this desktop computer to have another monitor with another 4 x 4 simple view. The reason is that if you put up all 64 cameras they are too small to look at. I guess if the 3 x 3 quad is the biggest then they could pick the 9 important cameras for viewing from each site. Thanks for your work.
  15. My brother and I just flew back into So. Cal yesterday from the show. The free food and open bars this year were all over the place. Was a good show, found some new lines and products to fill some niches in our arsenal. Saw that razberi product at a booth with many other products. Seems like a nice product for small IP jobs, which I am starting to get into. http://www.razberi.net/products/recorders/raz-m4/ Razberi has basic free software that will run on the NVR. However it seems that onssi wants me to use their software ocularis http://www.onssi.com/products/ocularis-overview and then so does exaqt https://www.exacq.com/products/EL_series_IP_servers.htmlwhich wants me to buy their hardware and software too. The software between the bunch seems to do stuff only seen in the movies. I wonder what the most cost effective software is for small 4 - 16 camera jobs would be? Customers want Ipad/phone/ android playback and stream to all browsers. What's up with the "Dahua" style DVR's, I saw units from other companies in the main area and the China/Korea town area that has the exact same "PSS" software and functionality. Are these companies copying the stuff legally? Seems odd when I asked questions and they gave me a blank look. One guy said his would run on all browsers, and showed me the setting for RSTP port or something to that effect. Would this work for Dahua? using safari, chrome, firefox, ie etc. Saw these enclosures from Moog/Videolarm http://www.videolarm.com/product/camera-enclosures-ptz-fixed/fusion-camera-housing/ awesome cooling and enclosures for any camera that will withstand the elements. Still looking for an "eyeball" style camera which has a video test port and OSD without taking the camera down. I guess this could do the trick from ATV http://www.atvideo.com/products/tc2812w-tc0650w but still would like to have a little room behind for connections if mounting it to a concrete wall with no "wall bracket" which looks ugly. Too bad it's over, I'm like a kid in a candy store....that's why my wife will not go. I could talk shop for hours and hours, usually I'm just out in the field supervising guys and installing/programming and don't talk to anyone. It's good to be able to talk to people about your passion and they actually know what your talking about.