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  1. Yes I know they will....and that is what I'll use....I'm just curious why he thinks they aren't correct
  2. correct, but why wouldn't the other beam clamps do the proper job?
  3. I saw those too....not sure how i would mount a bullet camera to those, but those are 30 bucks each anyway as compared to the beam clamps which are just over a buck each..... if im doing 8 or 10 cameras thats a big difference
  4. ok, cant see those in the picture...thanks!
  5. Thinking about this: Do you mean remove the screw and put a 1/4-20 screw through one hole in the camera mount , through the clamp to the beam?
  6. Would you have any pictures of that? What are the clamps made of....you drill straight into the clamp....? I know you know what you're you're doing, but im just trying to picture that..the clamp looks kind of small for that
  7. Thanks....im not clear on that though....this would be a vertical I beam... what would you do use 2 of those clamps to clamp camera flange to beam?
  8. Anyone have any solution to mounting cameras to vertical I-Beams? Can't drill into them so I would need something to clamp to it and that I can mount camera to....
  9. Zohan

    Need lens recommendation

    Thank you for both responses... We decided on this bosch camera and lens http://resource.boschsecurity.com/documents/VBN_2075_Data_sheet_enUS_10520186635.pdf http://www.123securityproducts.com/lvf-4000c-d2812.html?gclid=CJ_q1tDv0bkCFY6Y4AodH3UAtA
  10. Yes, pretty much solid.....except for the dropouts that I now realize have been happening for a while yes it's fios
  11. Ok, I just replaced the switch with a netgear, brand new......after 4 - 5 minutes it happened.....my analog system cut out and i quickly switched to the ip cam and that was out also.....3 seconds later they came back up... WTF...
  12. Yes, I have a few netgear switches in my truck, I will replace it.... I did try cbr, it wasnt any better.... Also, see my previous post......hopefully replacing the switch will do the trick. Will do that tomorrow