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  1. Anyone have any solution to mounting cameras to vertical I-Beams? Can't drill into them so I would need something to clamp to it and that I can mount camera to....
  2. Yes I know they will....and that is what I'll use....I'm just curious why he thinks they aren't correct
  3. correct, but why wouldn't the other beam clamps do the proper job?
  4. I saw those too....not sure how i would mount a bullet camera to those, but those are 30 bucks each anyway as compared to the beam clamps which are just over a buck each..... if im doing 8 or 10 cameras thats a big difference
  5. ok, cant see those in the picture...thanks!
  6. Thinking about this: Do you mean remove the screw and put a 1/4-20 screw through one hole in the camera mount , through the clamp to the beam?
  7. Would you have any pictures of that? What are the clamps made of....you drill straight into the clamp....? I know you know what you're you're doing, but im just trying to picture that..the clamp looks kind of small for that
  8. Thanks....im not clear on that though....this would be a vertical I beam... what would you do use 2 of those clamps to clamp camera flange to beam?
  9. was looking at this but reviews say resolutions is above average http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/optical_devices/security/vari-focal/day-night-series/yv5x27r4b-sa2l/#features I am looking for a lens that has real good resolution, also is aspherical, day/night/ varifocal, f1.4 or close, auto iris, etc any suggestions? thanks
  10. Zohan

    Need lens recommendation

    Thank you for both responses... We decided on this bosch camera and lens http://resource.boschsecurity.com/documents/VBN_2075_Data_sheet_enUS_10520186635.pdf http://www.123securityproducts.com/lvf-4000c-d2812.html?gclid=CJ_q1tDv0bkCFY6Y4AodH3UAtA
  11. Hi guys....been a while since i posted so its good to be back. I need some experienced guidance.... I need to cover a parking lot with some box cams / lenses / housings. The lot has sufficient lighting at night. I was thinking of the Samsung scb-2001. It's a day night camera and has some good reviews, and is in the right price range. Can anyone comment on this camera. Also, i need to pair a lens to the camera. There are so many out there. Of course, i need to be able to have low light capability and very important to have a great depth of field, i need to see maybe 200 feet with everything in focus, the foreground and the background. I need suggestions but also have questions. Can i use a 1/2" lens as opposed to a 1/3", will it give me greater depth of field? The Box cam says true day night with icr, im looking for a day night varifocal lens correct? Will that setup let it work with or without infrared? Just curious on that last one dont plan on using ir because the lot has lighting. Any tips or suggestions appreciated, thanks
  12. I have one of these http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/ipc-hdw4100s-399.html The major concern is that I am getting periods where the image will freeze then the screen will go black and I will get the message "resource is limited, open video failed" Tech support was not much help with that one, they say must be something with my network....?? I did a speedtest am am getting 58 mbps down and 34 mbps up..... The camera is connected to a switch which is then connected to the router. The switch is a cheap ass switch i've been meaning to replace but because everything has been good with it I keep forgetting. So, I'd like to start speccing these cameras but not if they will have issues dropping out..... Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this.....replace switch? router? both? I dont really have time to replace everything in the chain, doing the trial and error thing. Hoping to find the answer before it comes to that... By the way, the dropouts average 1 - 3 seconds....the longest one was for about 30 seconds but that hasnt happened again, it's mostly a second or 2, then right back on.
  13. Yes, pretty much solid.....except for the dropouts that I now realize have been happening for a while yes it's fios
  14. Ok, I just replaced the switch with a netgear, brand new......after 4 - 5 minutes it happened.....my analog system cut out and i quickly switched to the ip cam and that was out also.....3 seconds later they came back up... WTF...
  15. Yes, I have a few netgear switches in my truck, I will replace it.... I did try cbr, it wasnt any better.... Also, see my previous post......hopefully replacing the switch will do the trick. Will do that tomorrow
  16. Ok, so it's definitely not the camera..... My dogs were barking so I pulled up my analog system to see if anyone was outside. While looking at it, it blanked out for 3 seconds then came back on...same as the ip cam does.... what do you think?
  17. 10-4, will do... so im back at my desk for last hour and ive changed settings and it's cut out a lot less. Current settings are 720p 10 fps vbr quality is 6 (best) bit rate 2048 frame interval is 20 This is all the main stream not the sub stream this is too bad, i have 2 projects right now that would be candidates for ip systems but will have to stick with analog as i dont want to open a can of worms...
  18. Cable is approx. 40'....did not swap it out......made it myself, it's good
  19. Could my cheap zonenet switch be the problem? i am trying all different settings and nothing has worked, it still is dropping out
  20. If the camera always works frin on the network, then it is not a defective camera; what is defective is your connection. The bandwidth is just not enough for watching it remotely. What is your upload bandwidth? You say you tried as high as 6144kbps, do you actually have 6mbps upload bandwidth? Absolutely [/url
  21. Could be defective i dont know. Originally the picture and color looked great. A day later colors all washed out. Called tech support and we did firmware upgrade and a default reset and colors good again. Yes i am logging in to just the camera local ip, there is no problem there but i get the problem when i log into it via the outside. I have it set up through my custom ddns....my name.mycompany.com:port number It's plugged into a switch so maybe ill try directly to router? Are you saying you get that message with multiple cams? How many?
  22. http://genivtechnology.com/products-one/Network-Cameras/G4-IPD720IR_2 So how long have you been using these? How many do you have in the field? Any issues like this, or otherwise? I dont want to use a product that will cause me service calls....will waste my time and create an unhappy customer....