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  1. +1 For the Revo America systems. It's the only one with a full warranty and audio on all cameras
  2. securitall

    Protect camera from laser beam

    I put it up - if I hold the laser in the lens for 5 seconds, it will burn a pin-hole - and from very close, not very effective!
  3. securitall

    Protect camera from laser beam

    I have tested this - and it will be posted on our YouTube Channel soon But the first response is correct ! I also did use the Wicked Lasers 1W Laser to test it with! Thanks http://www.youtube.com/user/mysecuritall?feature=mhee
  4. securitall

    Storage for Live Viewing for IP System

    That is only 2 TB - its a good starting point, since it is easy to add or remove space with cloud storage. If costs are an issue - post the prices you're quoted and I will give you a cost breakdown over doing it yourself with a network video recorder!
  5. securitall

    Post your camera pictures here

    An IR Illuminating Device in an office, with a Revo 540 TVL Camera --- just showing how strong having an IR Illuminator can be!
  6. securitall

    My Own CCTV System

    Nice DIY Project and setup for your age !
  7. securitall

    Control Your Garage door opener

    Great idea, I'll try this one!
  8. securitall

    WI FI for DVRs

    WiFi isn't usually as safe as a wired connection... Security is all about uptime and not loosing any connections! just my $0.02
  9. securitall

    IR LED's vs. eye damage?

    Great video about the Xbox's IR's, I guess if need be you can use it to lighten some darkened areas at night instead of another IR Illumination Mount! h
  10. securitall

    Winds, PTZ, IR and domes

    Hopefully get a vandal proof dome that can cover and protect it. Look for something at least with IP66 rating. Thanks!
  11. securitall

    Wanna bust out laughing?

    Beautiful comp. setup --- call yourself new but you can install water cooling? Thats amazing..
  12. securitall

    Where to hide the DVR ????

    One other idea is also to make a fake DVR in place of where someone may think a DVR should be. For example, use an older DVR with extra cables coming out of it going under a piece of furniture or by a wall, and if someone comes looking for your DVR, they will find a fake and leave happy, but recorded. It is similar to the fake wallet trick while traveling on vacation! Thanks SIA
  13. securitall

    Do/Would you display a Video Security sign?

    anyways about the signs - I not only display the signs, but also the stickers
  14. securitall

    Hard Drive RPM

    Yup, just picked up one for 119.99 1 tb, 7200 rpm that is a great price - i got some for a little more then that today