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    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    Why would that be my or my customers problem. Shouldn’t they keep up with the windows security updates. Avermedia could release a patch why wouldn’t gv. They have to keep up with what they believed in (gv1120) about 4 years ago. There are several thousands of these still being used. Imagine what a nightmare this is for an integrator. Anyways I will call them Monday
  2. 313-313

    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    Fixed it as of now. It was a windows update that screwed up everything . Hope Geovision has a fix to this soon.
  3. 313-313

    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    Did That. it still doesn’t work. Do you think that I need to change the bios date
  4. 313-313

    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    Interesting. I will give it a try.
  5. 313-313

    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    I agree. I wish I could. Since the systems are not working now the customers are forced to change to newer systems. But still don’t understand why all would be down at the same time.
  6. Hello all I have more than 15 Geovision gv1120A and B dvr card based win7 systems that all crashed at the same time on the 11th of April 2018. The systems keep on rebooting every 5 mins. It seems go program is trying to find the card and then crashes. I called Geovision support and they asked me to uninstall and reinstall the drivers, default the gv system and repair the database. Apparently I cannot reinstall the drivers as the system just gives up. I did not not have the patience after spending hours and my phone ringing of th hook non stop from customers. Eventually I just reinstalled the win 7 32 bit OS, installs the go card drivers and the GV system program. Everything installed fine and was working fine I did this for three systems today, then later in the evening all called back saying that the systems run for about an hour and shut down completely. I have no clue what’s going on and Geovision keeps on asking me to do the above mentioned process. I suspect that the systems have been hacked and dvrs cards firmware been corrupted etc.. Do any of you know what would be the solution to fix so many system. I had been the victim of Dahua dvr hack and this is driving me nuts.
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    Gulfcoast software retail loss prevention

    No answer as yet !!
  8. Hi, Has anyone here heard about Gulfcoast software Retail loss prevention software. Their software Installs over geovision software. Just curious to Know if theyhave a dealer network or just Sell to end users. Wanted to get a feedback before I start doing business with them. Thanks
  9. I have several AV5105DN cameras looking at 3 entrances to a gas station. During the day I get a clear pictures of license plates but at night the car head lights kind of ruins the image.The head lights show up as two huge white spots and cannot see the license plate at all. Is there a way to correct this problem.
  10. Hi I have installed a Axis M1031-w and have extended power for about 50 feet and it is not sufficient to power this camera. If i plug the camera in the power outlet directly it just works fine. How do you all deal with install that do not have power source by the camera? For most of the install we have to extend power to about at least 100 feet. I had the same problem with Acti cameras and then switched them to POE version. thank you
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    Multiple GV 1120 cards

    Hi I have installed one GV 1120 16 channel PCI-express version and one GV 1120 8 Channel PCI- express installed on a intel motherboard (DG45ID) which has two PCI-e x1 and one PCI slots. These cards are installed on the 2 PCI-e x 1 slots. One card at a time works great but when both the cards are in the 2 PCI-e x 1 slots, the system shows a message DVR card failed or not installed properly" and then the system shuts down. Tomorrow will call my distributor.. Let me know if anyone has successfully installed multiple cards. thanks
  12. I have done a few (2-3)megapixel installations, my question is which are the most commonly/popular lens that your pros use in your installations. I primarily use Arecont Vision cameras and computar lens for all the past installations. Are auto iris varifocal lens better than manual varifocal lens? The other question is, is it good to focus cameras late late in the day or during full day light. thank you
  13. I am using Netgear 12 port POE . I had two NVR connecting to same cameras. As soon as I disconnected one NVR, There was a significant improvement in delay. I will try my luck with 18/2 and see if there is any problem with the power issues. 12 port poe is at the office for my initial setup of cameras. At the customer location I will give 18/2 a try out. thank
  14. Hi I am doing three installation each with about 10 arecont IP cams with Exacq NVR. What do you all recommend POE or Distributed power supplies (altronix). With POE I have seen cameras loose power occasionally. Need your advice. The second question is that I see a lot of latency(4 to5 sec) on all my cameras on my LAN. I have increased the frame rate from 1FPS to 8 FPS. thanks