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    Best BNC connectors ?

    Straight BNC connectors? There are several types, Twist on, Crimp on and compression. My boss uses Twist On. I'd prefer crimp/compression but I can say the twist ons have always worked great.... RG59 Siamese or rg6.... like these https://adiglobal.us/Pages/Product.aspx?pid=GE-3024TP&stb=similarproducts But if it was my house, and you had to use coax... These https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Compression-Klein-Tools-VDV813-607/dp/B008C7ZCN8/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1534402405&sr=1-4&keywords=bnc+connector If it's your house run cat5 and do a balun.. So you can upgrade to IP a few yrs down the road. If you're going to run analog over cat5, Don't get the cheapest ones. Literally junk Don't buy these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WW98MYK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Buy these, http://a.co/cZaTOiK There are definitely better ones, We use $10 ones and have never had any issues but hey, The $3 ones on the 2nd link seem to work well too.
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    Can we have an HD Analog section?

    This place is so dead I wish I had some admin abilities I'd help out.
  3. So, I recently sold my system I had before. (Which can be found in the intro ) Link: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=28903 So Yes, I had a intro thread. But, this thread is my ONE thread. Which will consist of the design, Q & A, Install etc.... so everything will be posted here. No more threads. So, Now I need to design and build my own system. Heres my property. Outlined in red is my property Line. Budget: for now $800... $400 for dvr and $400 for cameras (is what I figured) So, I'm installing a fence next month... Red is property line... BLUE is Fence Ok. Now to get into the system design itself and camera locations etc.... I'm pretty sure I'm going to be buying this DVR. Which, Allows Full D1 on all 16ch at 7.5 FPS. From my research, 7.5 should enough correct... At Full D1... On all 16 Ch.... http://www.securitycameraking.com/16-channel-elite-mini-economy-59029-prd1.html Or... I could do 8CH for $260... I think I want 16Ch so I can continue to add cameras in the future.... I'd like to go IP. But I see that being a Year away... Maybe Sometime in 2013... Maybe. So, Full D1 Analog it is.. 700tvl. So, Thats the DVR I have in mind. If there is a better deal, or dvr out there. PLEASE let me know, Link etc... I'm looking for help. So, Cameras. Budget is low, I know typical Guy looking for great system for cheap. But, The dvr cost more than my entire last system did... so I'm upgrading. lol So, Possibly got the DVR picked out. Cameras, I can't afford 16... lol So I'm rly hoping to get 4 for now... I'm looking to have Outside, and Inside. Inside will be pointed towards doors/hallways in the future when I have money. The ones I'll first be buying, are Outdoor for overall coverage. So, I have a few different ideas. Lets first post a picture, of my Ideas for cameras.... Since really, the first few cameras I buy will be general Overwatch.... We don't have front plates in my state... so thats a issue. No real use for trying to get plates... Just general vehicle descriptions. While, Having a few good cameras for overwatch, I'll pick up a couple cheap $35 600tvl camera domes for the entry ways, or just the inside... for now.( I rly dont kno ) House/plans I have a door where the pink lines are, A door is located at #'s 1,2,3,4. And at #3 I have an upstairs main floor door, and a basement door down below. So two doors at that location. The Blue Line is he fence we are installing next month. (And where most our tax return is going.... for the dog) Cameras... $99, 700 tvl, 2.8-12 zoom/focus... Doesnt have wdr, which I rly want. But idk becuz of price range. http://www.ebay.com/itm/700TVL-Sony-Enhanced-Effio-E-Sony-EXVIEW-II-72IR-LED-2-8-12mm-Fedex-Home-/270911011284?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f138df9d4 I was thinking these were good overall, But if I'm installing wide overall coverage do I rly need zoom... not rly... I guess.... I have BIG Shadow Issues, Morning, Mid day and Evening... So I was thinking WDR ( Wide Dynamic range ) would be something I really should look at and not settle for not having it. That would cost like $125 a camera, vs $100. I rly dont want to get too high, But heres the WDR camera.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/EXELON-BHR-V801-Bullet-SECURITY-CAMERA-700-TVL-20-IR-LED-D-WDR-2-8-12mm-12V-DC-/120668280535?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c1863d6d7 but then I notice the interlacing, 525 lines, 60 fields and 30 frames. so idk.... I was thinking Dome cameras on the intr, I could do 600tvl, 700tvl or whatever... Hell I could get 420 tvl with IR for $15 a pop. Would Suck vs the 700tvl, but being indoor, and considering I had 420 before It might pass as a temp setup, untill I can get 700 tvls for inside. Or hell, stick the the 420 tvl for inside untill I upgrade to IP in a couple years. 420 wasn't too bad, It just rly sucked outdoors... but I was also covering 60+ ft wide outside with 420 tvl... Covering 5ft inside with 420 would prolly be halfway decent for now.... and since It's better than Nothing It might be just want I need to do.... Considering budget and all... Well, DVR, cameras.... Heres a 420 tvl shot from my front yard camera on my old system... should be a big difference this time around. So, thats the start. Help, Ideas, Comments, etc... Please bring them all! thanks!
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    Designing system for my home. ( Looking for help etc... )

    I guess I could update this again. lol New house, same stuff. But now I install cctv so I have more knowledge and access to rebranded Hikvision equipment. I have 6 old 3MP IP Hik vision Bullets and a cheap china dahua turret. I just pulled an 3MP Analog system out of a guys house I put in last year... He upgraded. Been thinking about installing it and using it as a 24/7 redundant system to fall back on if my IP setup doesn't pick up motion for some reason. But that sounds like over kill.... I might sell it and put that towards newer better IP cameras.... Not sure yet
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    Dealer and Business access

    Hey, Yeah but as a dealer & installer maybe I could liven it up a little bit... I'd like for this forum to be more active, in all the subs... Still can't get ahold of anyone to let me in though.
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    cctv with colour night vision

    SPAM Really would like to clean this stuff up. 1st post is citing a website.
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    Im back?

    Hey guys, So I haven't been active in years while I was busy with life. Busier than ever but still plan on getting on here more! Ive been installing for a small company for the last couple of years as a 2nd job so im a little more knowledgeable than in the past, hopefully I can help out on here more. Looking forward to sharing stuff with everyone. I've noticed a lot of spam lately? Maybe I can work myself into a forum mod to help clean it up? Just ideas trying to help. Cya guys/gals soon!
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    Dealer and Business access

    You ever get access? I've PMed mods and haven't gotten anything back...
  9. Do you happen to know about the 1012vr? My cable has 10 wire/colors from the board into the cable where it's cut. We install these, but Ive never known the pinout. I can try contacting our distributor. Their just Rebranded Hikvisions btw....
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    Dealer and Business access

    Im posting in here so I don't have to make a new thread. I don't see this subforum anymore. If it's private, who do I need to talk to about joining. I've been working for a security company for just short of a year now installing Residential/Commercial Burg Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV and Access Control so I'd like access to the CCTV portion. Appreciate it.
  11. So I have some Hikvision 3MP bullet cameras. I think their the DS-2CD2032 Chinese versions but everything has been fine and I got them in english. I bought them back in like 2013. Maybe 2014. Is there any update I could do to expect better performance/Image or anything. I plan on upgrading the cameras but I figured I don't want to be missing out on the ones I have. Thanks
  12. I've been trying to do some research. I've been off here for a couple years. New home, and I have 6 Hikvision 3mp 4mm bullets sitting in a box. I want to throw these on the new house I bought with my wifes and I first child coming next month. I was to add a few cams as well. So, My options are a Hikvision NVR for $255ish like this one I found. HIKVISION 16CH 8 Ports PoE DS-7616NI-E2/8P Dont remmeber if links are allowed. I'll remove if not. http://www.amazon.com/HIKVISION-DS-7616NI-E2-8P-Resolution-Recording/dp/B00VQK2H4U?ie=UTF8&keywords=hikvision%20nvr&qid=1465438491&ref_=sr_1_3&s=electronics&sr=1-3 I hear BI (what I have) is so much better... But I'll have to build a small form computer dedicated to this task. But, I doubt I can do it for $255... I am competent in doing it, but possible on a budget under $300 I doubt.... to be able to run 8 or 10 ip cams.... Outside of the hikvision nvr is there a better solution for roughly the same price? Im not worried about poe. I have Powered switches Ill be using to reduce wiring anyway. Thanks
  13. Just picked up that computer. Im not sure I'll be able to get around to setting it all up today. I may have to wait until later this week. Definitely looking forward to it though.
  14. Okay thank you, Seriously. Great to know. I'll give that a shot!
  15. Alright thanks So my 3rd link is a no go for $150ish It sounded promising In case it doesnt work. Here it is. http://nashville.craigslist.org/sys/5550595103.html
  16. Alright thanks. I think this one might be worth it... It ends in 6hrs.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-EliteDesk-800-G1-USDT-Desktop-PC-i5-4590S-3-0GHz-4GB-320GB-DVDRW-Win-7-USED-/391473128470?hash=item5b259de416:g:e08AAOSwmtJXUKKK It's an I5 4590, I have Blue Iris 4 so Id install that on it. And throw in a 4tb purple drive... Theres also someone locally selling some refurbed, but its an i5 2400. I'll have to look at bench tests of the cpus. It atleast has a gigabit ethernet port http://nashville.craigslist.org/sys/5614052694.html THIS LOOKS GOOD http://nashville.craigslist.org/sys/5550595103.html
  17. Alright thank you. I was using BI4 on my tower, its an I7 930 with a radeon 5850 1gb ddr5 gpu and the 6 cams maxed the cpu out. That tower will be able to handle 8 of the 3mp hiks I'm using? Thank you for the quick answer and help. I really appreciate it. Edit: Something like this isn't what your talking about it is? http://nashville.craigslist.org/sys/5620268578.html
  18. My Local Costco has this, and I thought it was a pretty awesome deal considering a year ago it would have been triple this price... Makes me laugh thinking about the $200 I spend on each Hikvision3mp bullets couple years back. Good to see prices drop and quality going up.... Full Size Photo
  19. thanks. It's nice for itself, if I didn't already have 6 3MP Hikvisions I'd certainly consider it. Oh well. But for anyone looking for one it's a pretty decent option.
  20. Firefighter

    Client Snoops through our house

    We're selling our house and this guy does a little more snooping than he should be doing. We put the camera in our bedroom to watch our dog who just had surgery and i forgot to take it down. Luckily I didnt... Before this clip, they enter the room multiple times. You see him make sure theyre gone before he starts digging through some drawers in my wifes side of the closet... y8EkvBvXUVM
  21. Odd, it did it again. Yesterdays files are all gone. I can't find them. I changed the settings to send everything to my new 1tb hd just for blueiris. and the limits are 400gb for new and 400gb for stored with 14 days clip age limit. That should fix that. I Don't know how to access the settings you're asking for. Something got changed, I used to have to go in and delete them myself... It was never Auto. Edit: Just updated BI4, Play Back is MUCH better, Much Smoother. That aside, since I changed the path of the recordings, everything from today up until just now is gone. I can only assume it's because the new path/folder doesn't have those files. Wishing there was hope on where the other files are too.
  22. I don't understand. I haven't had issues. But I noticed that my mower was stolen. So I get on BI4 and notice that I have no recordings until midnight. Everything before today is gone... Are you kidding me? No clocks are reset, computer wasnt reset nothing. I was at work yesterday (I work 24hr shifts) and so today I see it's gone and no recordings. It's always recording, it started right at midnight er 1st min of today. What can I do? Can I search for files?
  23. here are the settings. https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8691/16462165754_662de1e12a.jpg For months now, with no changes I've had files and records for days.... It's just so weird that I was able to see the cameras from my cell phone at work yesterday yet it didn't start recording until today the 8th. That's new, I've never had that issue before. Is there a log of when settings and stuff were changed that I can look at?
  24. So someone I know went to Sams Club and bought a samsung 4 chan 960h system for $350 and wants help putting it in. I told him to return the system and I'd find him one he'll be more happy with. The samsung had bad reviews and for the cost I knew he could get 720p. So here is what I am having him return. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/4ch-dvr-4-camera-sds-p3042n-us/prod12720074.ip So, I found this Q-See System for $299 from costco. http://www.costco.com/Q-See-4-Channel-HD-720p-Security-System-with-1TB-HDD-and-4-720p-Cameras.product.100151663.html 4 cam dvr, 4cams 720P over Analog? It says AnalogHD. for cheaper, this is a better system isn't it?
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    AnalogHD? Q-See System

    Well, helped(I did it all) my friend install his system and I gotta say with the Q-See, setup was crazy easy for the mobile app. No port forwarding, networking or anything. Got the app on their phones, hit setup/scan code and it filled it in and was done. (of course I ran a cat5e from the dvr to the router)