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  1. Mrcarcrazy

    Lorex Technology LNR366

    Just giving a heads up. According to some of the reviews, only 8 of the 16 ethernet ports are powered (POE). The rest are just LAN ports. So if you want to add additional cameras, you also have to run power to them. That is incorrect, the lan ports on the NVR AND on the switch are poe... Boogie man, I do t have a dog in the fight. But based on the product descriptions alone, you are confusing the swann with the lorex system. The Swann quoted here doesn't have a switch included. The lorex you link to later in the thread does. I will warn any potential buyer. The swann claims 45days of continuous recording on 16cams at 1080p. I call bull****. You'd be damn lucky to get that out of d1. And we all know that 1080p files are exponentially larger than d1 files.
  2. Found this at the other forum I visit. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/cctvforum/forum_posts.asp?TID=636 Hope it helps.
  3. Might check out Bahamas security. Dude has all sorts of pss stuff. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/downloads/dahua-downloads.asp#pss
  4. Mrcarcrazy

    Focusing dahua 2mp mini dome

    Wow. Warping in the intense heat of New York. If sure hate to see it in Texas. It'd be a puddle of plastic on the ground.
  5. Mrcarcrazy

    Avigilon vs Sony?

    Wow, so the lens, and all the small components are made in Canada? That's shocking...somewhat unbelievable. Only thing that would be better if it was from the good ol USA. But we can't hate you just for being Canadian.
  6. Mrcarcrazy

    What has happened to this forum

    Hey down under. I'm curious what brands you are referring to as higher quality/lower cost. Being new to the CCTV world. I only know the brands I've seen here and some a friend overseas has shown me. Sadly the best cams I've seen of his aren't sold anymore.
  7. Mrcarcrazy

    Setting up A DVR to send emails

    I has to set me send email and receive email as different email addys. I have my dvr it's own gmail acct. it was thankful and now sends me lovely pictures of people at my door. And squirrels at times.
  8. +1 I have a cam with each chip. I'm not impressed with either. (Next chip). I just bought the next chip one as a dealer sample. It's pretty crappy IMO. But so is the same cam in effio-p. but IRcut over no IR cut.
  9. Mrcarcrazy

    Why does anyone still use analog/DVR systems?

    OP Seems to be confused on difference between IP and Megapixel. Or he's a troll...
  10. 8 cams and a dvr/hdd will be difficult to get a decent quality for 1k. As a rule...avoid the box systems. (Costco has/had a dahua megapixel "IP" dvr and cams that Imho COULD be a decent setup. But cost..... Lighting. You don't want the camera to see the light source. It will make the camera work harder. Given the budget you don't want to stress the cams....they won't handle it well. I've paid between 20.00 and 230.00 for my cams...sadly they are all mediocre. If you have good lighting you can make most cams seem tolerable. If u have poor lighting most if not all will look horrid. (I'm working on lighting at my residence.). I find depending on IR LEDs only leads to frustration. Of course I live in the desert...we have lots of dust and lots of bugs...other areas may not have these issues...I don't know
  11. Mrcarcrazy

    Advice for DVR

    PSS...works with dahua and some others (and the associated dahua rebrands) Can download it free...so for the price it's worth trying.
  12. Mrcarcrazy

    Video Balun VS Coax VS Cat5

    I'm going to be performing an experiment on this... I currently have high quality cat5e...I'm going to try same cams on rg59 (solid copper core) and BNC connectors. This will be a limited rest with no more than ~40ft of cable. I've been told that the loss of quality is due to the baluns. As much if not more than the distance (assuming reasonable residential distances). Ill post pic comparisons when I get this project going. I just got another camera to use for my little experiment.
  13. Mrcarcrazy

    Legislation & Standards in the USA

    It's state by state...at least Texas has their own rules....they consider CCTV systems "alarms"... Here's a starting point for Texas. https://www.txdps.state.tx.us/rsd/psb/licenseRegistration/licenses.htm
  14. Mrcarcrazy

    What has happened to this forum

    I brought this up when I was trying to post info about a product I'd purchased and my words were changed as to mask the brand name that I'd bought. That experience alone chapped me on this forum. I check back now and again hoping to see a ray of light. But overall I've given up. I know that many forums have their alliances. Some are more obvious than others...I am just a home owner who has enough basic electronics knowledge to build his own system. My state won't allow me to open a small business doing this without first installing full time professionally for 2 consecutive years. I cant afford to take that pay cut just for the chance to start a small business. So I just do this is a hobby on my residence. Learning about these cameras and systems is a daunting experience as everyone here knows. It's frustrating for a newcomer to join a forum only to find out that he cannot trust the majority of what he sees. ( for a few reasons which are obvious and don't need to be pointed out). Anywho. Aussie. I concur with your assessment of the situation. Luckily I don't have much invested...perceived loss is limited. As to the cheap china stuff. It seems that the market is dominated by cheap crap. Not Long ago there were some cheaply priced cams that outperform new higher priced (in relation to old cams) cams. I believe this is the manufacturers pushing everyone towards megapixel cams by offering only crap in tvl cams. (Jaded? Maybe) The low end megapixel cams still aren't worth the money they charge. I can't comment on the higher end. But I do believe its moderately overpriced.