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  1. Does anyone know if this is still available from another manufacturer? I've been googling and have seen reference to Samsung. Looks like a decent unit and I've seen prices on the 8ch on ebay for as low as $177. Is it too good to be true? GVI Security videoPlus AR-6080 Main Features: • 30fps per channel at CIF Resolution • 60fps total recording at D1 Resolution • H.264 compression • Up to 8ch Analog Video Input • Web based remote access • Remote access through CMS • Supports DDNS • Compatible with autoIP™ iPhone application • 8 channel audio input • 3 relay output • 500GB Storage • Full HD Video Output • Monitoring up to 1920x1080 resolution • DVD-RW Thanks, Jason
  2. jtetterton

    Residential Townhouse Install

    After scouring the forums and internet for the past several weeks, I think I've got everything I need identified, please let me know if I missed anything or something looks wrong! Front of house: VCM-24VF to be located under the eave above the garage, to watch the driveway/yard VCM-24VF to be located at the front door to see ingress/egress Costar CDC2500HX PTZ to be located on the top right under the eave.. might have it on patrol, or just focus on my trailer(concession stand) parked on the street Back of the house: CNB VCM-24VF x1 to be located in roughly the same spot as the garage cam, but to watch the backyard. That's if for cameras, for now I'm sure I'll add more down the road, but my budget is beyond maxed on this project already.. Cat5 to each camera (1 pair for video, 2 pair for power), one Cat5 (video/ptz controls) and an 18/2 (power) to the PTZ. All wires tucked into siding and routed to the right side of the house (looking at picture), from there they will go towards the back of the house in conduit and enter the basement utility room. Cat5's will terminate at a 66 block and video will be routed to baluns at the dvr, power will be routed to the power can. DVR: Qvis Apollo HD 8 Channel Security DVR W/ H.264 Compression & D1 Resolution with a 1TB hard drive Power Can: 9 CH 24v AC Power Supply - 5 Amp (1.1amp per channel max) Baluns: undetermined at the moment, can someone recommend? Longest cat5 run is probably 100ft. No internet connection in the utility room, and I'm too lazy to run a cat5 down there from the main router.. so I've configured a wireless bridge using an old Linksys WRT54g and DD-WRT firmware. I'll see how this works out, should be OK. Thanks for reading, looking forward to all the tips and suggestions! Jason
  3. I literally just installed this camera and hadn't had a chance to aim it yet. I stepped inside to take a phone call and my CCTV system caught a perp red handed stealing my box cutter, wire strippers, and he came back for my wallet! 15:23:11 Thief takes box cutter and stashes it 15:23:45 Thief returns and takes my wire strippers! 15:25:42 Thief returns AGAIN and tries to take my metal credit card wallet! Thank god for CCTV or I would have been looking for those tools forever! E9xyuIzK0Cc
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    PTZ 'dome'

    These guys do replacement domes. http://replex.com/?id=applications&pg=cctvdomes
  5. jtetterton

    Advice between recommended cameras.

    I've got a speco intensifier installed at my firehouse. It's an interior cam and it's less than spectacular. They were retailing for around 160, he sold me one for 130. I prefer the cnb with the Monalisa over the speco intensifier. Jason
  6. jtetterton

    Advice between recommended cameras.

    Did you contact the supplier in Edmonton that I pm'ed to you? The vcm24vf does not have built in infrared lighting. It uses the Monalisa chipset and has a removable infrared cut filter. It switches to black and white and the filter slides out of the way when the illumination drops past a certain point. You can used external IR illuminators for extra light at night. Pointing an IR illuminator out a window will simply reflect and make itself useless. If you must, mount the IR illuminator outside and the camera inside.
  7. jtetterton

    Post your camera pictures here

    The following are from 3 different CNB VCM24VF: The following are from a COSTAR CDC2500H with a cloudy/scratched dome: The following are from an Dahua ESCEB650-1:
  8. If you believe CSI, Criminal Minds, and NCIS then all law enforcement have immediate access to ALL public and private surveillance cameras with the flick of a button I always giggle when I see that.
  9. jtetterton

    Secuirty Installer Licensing??

    In my state, it costs 850 to register for a license to install or service "electronic security equipment". That covers the first two years. A 2 year renewal after that costs 500 dollars. These fees are used for extensive background investigations. Employees of the applicant company are also required to obtain a license if they will have "intimate knowledge" of a customers electronic security equipment, including location of equipment, design of system, location of wiring, passwords, etc. So if your local agency that does the licensing does more than rubber stamp it, it will weed out most of the riffraff.
  10. I just followed everyone else's lead and posted here. I'll pm him now.
  11. Is this boat adrift at sea?
  12. jtetterton

    remote land with shed/garage

    I've got three of those on my house. Very nice cameras. It's the best bang for your buck analog in my opinion. Properly focused and placed should yield decent facial recognition shots. Definitely go for DSL or cable over Satellite if you want an offsite recording solution. If you go the dummy dvr route, you can probably get a 4ch for a hundred bucks or so. Don't forget dummy wiring too. Make em work to disconnect it so it makes them really think they have the brain. You could go one step further and use wired cameras. Split the signal and send to the decoy and the real one. Hide the junctions in an enclosure up high though.
  13. jtetterton

    remote land with shed/garage

    I don't think you're going to find a remote recording solution over a residential satellite connection. Video is a bandwidth hog and satellite connections are notoriously slow and suffer from high latency. With that being said. You could design an extremely secure bunker type setup for the dvr and maybe use wireless cameras so a would be thief couldn't simply follow the wires back to where the DVR is located. I would keep the distance for the wireless signal as short as possible. Also keep in mind anyone can scan frequencies and pickup your feed if it's not encrypted. Another option is a decoy dvr in plain site so they grab it thinking they are good to go. Just some thoughts.
  14. jtetterton

    what are your thoughts on this idea?

    Have you tried using rain-x on the dome? To assist with the water beading and running away?
  15. jtetterton

    Dahua PSS v4.06 any feed back?

    Is there an official recommended location to obtain PSS software?
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    Output of my cameras, I am not satisfied

    Your camera has a manual focus and zoom. You should have set screws near the lense that you loosen to allow adjustment of the lense. You can't set focus from the OSD.
  18. jtetterton

    Power to CNB VBM 24 VF

    If you meant from your power supply then yes, it should work fine. If I recall, that camera will operate with voltage between 10 and 30v, do make sure your supply is sufficient to account for voltage drop over the length of the run. 4 conductors at 150ft should be fine.
  19. jtetterton

    Advice between recommended cameras.

    Love it, lmao!
  20. jtetterton

    What should I do here

    ^^, x2
  21. Mounting lights after siding has already been installed.
  22. jtetterton

    Guess this was not what I needed...

    The first step is to eliminate obstructions from the field of view such as that screen door.
  23. I bought the "mounting plate" you see at Lowes for like $9. It gives a decent flat mounting surface and it traces your siding to make it look clean. I simply cut a hole in it for the wires and drilled straight through the camera base, through the siding, and into the plywood underneath. Hiding the wires is a different story If you're not near the top or side, it can be difficult. Jason