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  1. For those curious...I've had a cheap pocket style 720p camcorder hooked up by a long usb cord and staring out my kitchen window for 1.5 years now. I use it with freeware contacam for motion detection. I've caught the neighbours daughters' boyfriend stealing parts off my truck when i was out with the wife and kids one afternoon. The cop was impressed with the quality of the video (only vga 640x480 but digital) and he even showed his fellow officers back at the station. He kept asking me if it was cheap to set something like that up. Said that camera quality blew away the police station cameras. I guess he's never seen megapixel camera footage lol. Planning on getting an Acti setup this summer with infrared illuminators. Special thanks to Buellwinkle for his reviews..very helpful.
  2. Have you confirmed that the IR leds are working? You have lighting in the distance which is obvious to the camera...It looks as if the leds aren't casting any light from the camera. Maybe try using the foscams led lighting and shine it around the yard to see the E31's cameras sensitivity to it?
  3. Can you tell us what kind of bug it is they're working on? Does is it plague that whole series of cameras or just the E33? And the E44...might that be the bullet with the same sensor as the KCM5611? Looking forward to your review..thanks!
  4. Anyone try these? I see Mateusz (Korgoth) has some sample footage of the E31 showing its WDR capabilities...looks pretty good...the E32-33 have a wider field of view. Curious also about the cheaper D31 and D32. They seem to have a single IR illuminator instead of IR led arrangement around the lense. I'm surprised there's not more buzz about these cameras on the forums as they seem priced to compete with dahua. Affordable bullet cam with great NVR software..seems like a no brainer to me...? Is anyone here running these cams? Am i missing something?
  5. Agentchuckles

    Dahua cameras now at Costco

    Wow...that 14 dollar megapixel lens looks good. I wonder if a 6mm lens from the same manufacturer would be an upgrade to the stock 6mm. Thanks for posting the pictures!
  6. Did you prefer Linovision NVR+ software over the Dahua NVR for use with dahua cameras?
  7. Agentchuckles

    Dahua cameras now at Costco

    ssuro11 would you have any samples of the 3.6mm lense in night mode with the IR on? as compared to the 6mm?
  8. Agentchuckles

    Dahua cameras now at Costco

    Nice comparison. That 3.6mm lense seems to be a much better fit than one of the dx lenses sampled previously. How do you like the Qsee NVR?
  9. Thanks very much for the video samples. Very helpful. Does the e31 give you the same options as the tcm-1111 for setting different day and night motion settings in "events"? Also I see the e31 allows you to configure the day/night switching..is that a sensor sensitivity adjustment or to let you manually set times when you want it to switch over.....or both?
  10. I'm very curious as well. Any idea when the e32 and e33 are slated to be released?
  11. Agentchuckles

    Avigilon demo

    I'm curious about the price of the Avigilon software. I know it can't be posted but would it be possible to get a pm? My wife uses the Avigilon NVR at work and loves it. Their list of supported cameras seems good. My location is near ottawa canada.
  12. What kind of NVR software comes with the samsung?
  13. Agentchuckles

    Dahua cameras now at Costco

    Have any of you guys running the qsee nvr and camera combo experienced dropped frames or flickering at all in your footage? or any other issues with that setup?
  14. Does anyone know if an Intel Core 2 duo setup would be enough to handle 6-8 1.3MP acti cams with their NVR 3.0 software?
  15. I noticed on the acti nvr 3.0 datasheet on acti's website, it states the system requirement for 1-16 cameras is an intel core 2 quad 2.4Ghz with 4 Gigs of ram so maybe that's why it doesn't work on your older computer.