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    Hello From NY!

    LOL, I hate when that happens. BTW, since your in the area; if you happen to know any IT person with CCTV experience looking for a job; let me know because we are hiring right now. Here is the link http://longisland.craigslist.org/tch/2938373536.html we are just starting to post on job sites this week.
  2. ZayNet

    Please read before posting in this section

    Well if there is some way you guys can spread the word then I would appreciate it. Its a great opportunity for someone looking for work in the industry. The company is located in Long Island NY and we are in need of a IT professional with CCTV experience, preferably Geovision. Anyone can PM me for details. Thanks guys.
  3. ZayNet

    Please read before posting in this section

    Hey guys thanks for the replys. I cant seem to start a new thread and could only post replies right now. I could only assume that there must be some restrictions for newbies on this forum. Any advise?
  4. ZayNet

    Hello From NY!

    Hello All, I am an IT Support Manager for a CCTV company based in Long Island NY. I would like to thank those who put together this forum. It is a great networking tool and a great knowledge base.
  5. ZayNet

    Please read before posting in this section

    I am a manger for a company looking to hire someone with CCTV experience. Where and can I post somewhere in this forum.