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  1. sonyfcb

    SDI problem

    Will SDI 1080p camera system be popular in this year ?
  2. sonyfcb

    I'm new here!

    Hi How are you ? any question ? Philip
  3. sonyfcb

    PTZ fan?

    The Image comes from the camera module in the PTZ . Is this 27x or 18x optical zoom ? If it use sony 18x module , it has no necessary to put fan in it . Philip
  4. sonyfcb

    Best PTZ camera brand

    Pelco.com philip
  5. sonyfcb

    Help with RS485 for PTZ camera

    you shall put rs 485 to keyboard and video through UTP
  6. sonyfcb

    PTZ cam not tilting up all the way?

    Hi Yes this is Dahua 's PTZ The reason : The dome is so heavy and the motor is not strong enough . Normally the step-motor goes step by step( 0.9 degree per step or less ) , but sometimes because it is too heavy it can not move rightly . So when power it on , the ptz will restores . you can reply this information to the seller . Philip
  7. sonyfcb

    SAE Camera's need the latest firmware

    Hi Where did you buy ? perhaps i can ask my supplier for help . it is an IP camera .What will you want to update ? Philip
  8. sonyfcb

    sony block camera .

    Hi Normally the PTZ dome will send a signal to zoom module after power on , and Sony module will reply to the ptz , If it's signal is wrong, the ptz unit will can not zoom . so Now can you zoom in or out ? some ptz shall set the module's protocol . can i have the manual or the photo?
  9. sonyfcb

    PTZ fan?

    I think It is not so hot in UK Can I have the photo to have a look at (who makes it )? Philip
  10. sonyfcb

    Needing help deciding on a system

    HI it is easy to find a Dlink's WIFI IP camera to record . You can buy it in bestbuy or other shop . Philip
  11. Hi How many pcs domes on this RS485 chain ? Can you power off it and then power on it again ? if it works ok , check the rs485 cable . There are a 9pin cable between amera module and PTz unit , check it . Philip
  12. use a video server (analog signal to IP ) Philip
  13. sonyfcb

    Cctv Camera connectivity

    Hi Can you open the dome housing ? you will find the connector on PCB , normal Video cable is yellow . Red one is power +, black is power -(DV12v Please double check it.
  14. sonyfcb

    Help with wide angle camera lens

    you can changeit to f 4.0 mm or 2.8mm lens
  15. You can choose IP HD wifi camera . Vidocanada@gmail.com