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  1. I am using the VMS software. Was all working. Now when I login, I see the cams like normal. Then when I choose the viewlog icon to review some cams the screens are not there. Just gray backgrounds. The bottom has the video recorded in the red bars. You can select any time frame you need. It's all there. Just the video isn't there. I can load up the system from gv-Eye off my android phone. Go into a cam and select past dates to view. They play fine on the phone. The video was recorded. I've messed up a setting somewhere I'm guessing. Help.
  2. a94cobra


    What camera are you using?
  3. a94cobra


    Also, upon playback, can you save just one of the broken out feeds of the fisheye?
  4. a94cobra


    But I don't see where to rotate the individual cam views in the web browser.
  5. a94cobra


    I know this is an IP cam, but I'm using the GeoVision software. I have this one IP cam link to my current 1480 card. It's a fisheye cam. All works good. Question is, upon playback, you can have it pick seven camera views. Can you rotate those images?
  6. a94cobra

    Geovision v8.3 DSP spot monitor and Iphone.

    How about 8.3.3?
  7. a94cobra

    ComboA version

    Thx. So that I am clear. Live view is...When you are watching the screen from the computer the card is in. Or the secondary output to an additional monitor.
  8. a94cobra

    ComboA version

    I see the newest version of the Geo cards is a "ComboA". I am looking at the 1120 or better cards. My question is, What is the difference? Should I worry about getting the latest version?
  9. a94cobra

    Anyone use the V3E POS ethernet based geovision?

    I have tried unsuccessfully to get mine to work. I am using a parallel printer. If anyone is knowledgeable on the forum, maybe they could help out.
  10. a94cobra

    Monitor for DSP output

    All I need is the composite video in. They have that as well as component, with all the audio. So for other uses it would work out good too.
  11. a94cobra

    Monitor for DSP output

    Seen a lot of refurbs for 209-219.
  12. a94cobra

    Viewlog video size issue

    I am recording 640x480, how do I make the actual size bigger? I know you the man Rory, don't you have a fix for that.
  13. a94cobra

    Viewlog video size issue

    Using 8.12, when I use the Viewlog the video playback size is small. I can enlarge it with the Plus sign. How can I get it to stay enlarged for my next visit?
  14. a94cobra

    2008 FPS

    What was the answer?
  15. a94cobra

    8.12 viewlog avi save bug

    Really. Makes it a pain.