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  1. charles_shaw

    Control Your Garage door opener

    What about a WeMo Maker? WeMo can will send push alerts when something is on or off (circuit open or closed). http://www.belkin.com/us/F7C043-Belkin/p/P-F7C043/
  2. charles_shaw

    FPS at Night

    Shutter was set to default 1/5. I changed to 1/30. I'll see what effect this has tonight on low light areas. Is there a standard practice when setting shutter speed or just what works best for the environment?
  3. I recently added a couple ACTi e77 IP cameras to my existing analog system. With my analog cameras, I get constant fps day or night. However with my new IP cameras, I notice fps will drop from 30 to around 3-5 fps. Is this normal with IP cameras? Is there anything I need to configure differently? There is very little traffic on the network the IP cameras run on.
  4. Do you have any video samples?
  5. charles_shaw

    12VDC Cameras on 24VAC Power Supply

    Any recommendations for a reliable 12VDC power supply?
  6. charles_shaw

    Which cameras to buy?

    Does NUUO support Apexis?
  7. I currently have half of my cameras on 12VDC and half on 24VAC. I am having issues with my no-name 12VDC power supply and would like to either replace it with a new power supply or put it on my Pelco 24VAC power supply. Since the 12VDC cameras are not compatible with 24VAC, is there an adapter I can purchase so I can run them on my 24VAC power supply or can you recommend a name brand 12VDC power supply to purchase?