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  1. Depends on how much your willing to spend... if stick with the well known brands such as Samsung, hikvision, LG, Avigilon, mobotix..... just to name a few. but if you want real quality, I recommend 'Dallmeier'
  2. Waderave

    swann and PTZ control, not working

    Check your DVR settings...
  3. Waderave

    Hazy picture on cameras

    Does the picture change at all at night time? Looks like it might be stuck on night mode, ie. black & white with IR.
  4. Waderave

    newbie here ..camera .help...

    I'd steer towards the Samsung out of those options....
  5. Great! Just one tip...DO NOT go for the cheap junk! Stick to the quality brands....for trouble free use! Cheers...
  6. Waderave

    PTZ problems.........

    ooookkkkk..... i'll see how we go. I will do some research going by your suggestions! cheers.
  7. Waderave

    PTZ problems.........

    Yes they are all correct as it was working once before...!
  8. Waderave

    PTZ problems.........

    I've plugged both the cameras into a different DVR and they both work well!! so does this mean the DVR is stuffed?
  9. To cut a long story short, here is the problem: -Analogue PTZ camera stopped working, blacked out! -replaced power supply, checked cabling, still dead! -plugged in a standard bullet camera...and worked fine! -figured PTZ must of failed, so i bought a new one! -plugged it in.... and.... dead! -plugged it directly into DVR via temporary cable...still dead! suggestions please....
  10. Waderave

    Max distance for cat5e

    Have changed the video pair and, amazing, it works! " title="Applause" />
  11. Waderave

    Max distance for cat5e

    Thanks. I've powered the camera up from the front gate 5m away, and it powers up the cam ok, but the screen is completely black!
  12. Hello, what is the max distance for cat5 to run analogue cams? I have a camera at the front gate which is about 140m from the DVR & pwr supply, using 2 pairs for 12v and 1 pair for video. recently it started flashing white at nite time only and has slowly over the weeks has gone completely kaput! I removed the cam and plugged it directly into the DVR and worked fine! What should I do?!
  13. Waderave

    PTZ problems

    ok will check. thanks.
  14. Waderave

    PTZ problems

    i tried using a 12v plug pack direct to the camera and it was ok for a little while but it started doing it again?!