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  1. I currently have a Dahua 16ch NVR. For the past year, it has been connected to a Roku 4K TV via HDMI cable with no issues. Today I turned on the TV which starts up showing the cameras. All I could see were the 16 camera dividers as all camera feeds were black. No updates/changes to either the TV or the NVR. 1) I logged into the NVR using the Roku TV with no issues. Verified cameras showed connected in the NVR 2) Logged into a couple of the cameras on a PC's web browser to verify I could see the video feed. 3) Logged into the web app also, verifying the camera feeds were working fine and I was able to view different cameras. Anyone have any suggestions? I would have thought if there was an issue with the TV or even the HDMI cable, I wouldn't even be able to see the camera screen dividers or log into the NVR interface with the TV.
  2. Setup: Dahua 8 channel NVR (2) Monitors in same room, one connected via VGA and 2and connected via HDMI Is it possible to view channel 1 on one monitor(full screen) and view channel 2 on second monitor (full screen) or do the monitors just duplicate(show same image on both screens)?
  3. Currently Dahua NVR4216 and (6) Dahua IPC-HDW4300C 3mp POE cameras are setup. For whatever reason, I have a problem with channel 1 of the NVR. At first I thought it was a camera issue, but now I'm leaning towards a NVR issue. With a variale bit rate set around 4096kb, 15fps and display setting at 1080p, I will get a "Login Return Time Is Up" error after approximately 3 days. Now if I lower the bit rate to 1024kb (again VBR and also trying CBR), the "Login Return Time Is Up" error will come up in about 5-6 days. Each of the 5 other cameras (all the same make/model/firmware) have been set to 4096kb VBR and 15fps, but no error has come up and it's been almost three weeks. I've also switch the camera from channels 2 & 3, setting them up on channel 1 and each camera come back with the same error in the same amount of time, with no issues on the other channels. I've done a factory reset the NVR to no avail. In case anyone is wondering, the NVR build Date is 04/19/2016 version #:3.201.0000.1.R. When I log in to the camera via IE, the error on the screen says "Resources Limited. Failed To Open Video." Any suggestions? I know a lot of people have referred to this error "Login Return Time Is Up," to the bit rate and lowering it, but this obviously isn't the problem.
  4. I've been trying to determine how exactly I can connect/broadcast from my CCTV DVR to my dish hopper. From my understanding, I'll need a couple diplexers and an rf modulator. Excuse the artwork,but does the attached diagram at least look somewhat correct?
  5. Gus_19

    IR Illuminator

    Good point. Didn't even think of that angle
  6. Gus_19

    IR Illuminator

    Yeah, I did the same and found a bunch, but I was more interested in a style almost like a pool ug in night light, but has it bulbs instead and can't find any
  7. Does anyone know of an ir illuminator which would plug directly into an outlet, sort of like a box with the direct connect on the back instead of a wire to connect a power supply (if this describes it we'll enough). My camera position in one area is nice but if I could illuminate a certain corner, the image would look a lot better.
  8. Gus_19

    CCTV Houseing With Heater

    Without an outlet nearby and right now, one run of Cat5e wire to the location of the camera, will I be able to power a camera as well as a housing, having a heater and blower inside? Or am I going to have to run some 18/2 wire to the location as well? The camera will be connected via a balun.
  9. Gus_19

    Balun question with CCTV Design

    Thanks guys for the help. That is exactly what reading material I'm looking for to learn a bit on this stuff. Excited to get started!
  10. I'm still trying to learn as much as I can with a cctv set up. Right now I just want to set up 2 outdoor cameras with the video and power transmitted over POE. Here is what I am planning on ordering to get setup. (2) VCM-24Vfh cameras by CNB (1) RSS-P3-AC24-8-4L 24VAC Central Power Supply and of course a DVR. My question which I am still unsure how it's done, but looks simple enough is what kind, if any, balun would I need to carry the video and power over Cat5? I saw in the user manual of the cameras, a connector is supplied for POE and a BNC, but I really could use some help with any suggestions. Eventually I plan on having about 6-8 cameras up and running, but more than likely only two of them will be exposed to the elements which is why I was looking at the CNB cameras with heaters.