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  1. I have the 4 channel system with 2 more cameras that I have yet to install. I am really hoping they add a ptz to the line up that will work with this system. I have most of the same little issues (hotspot, poor night, motion) as the OP, but I have not had any fogging issues. I will add that one camera seems to drop out from time to time. The IR stays on, so it has power, it just seems to lose communications. If I disconnect and replug, it comes right back. Fortunately it's one I am able to reach fairly easily, but this is not a good feature. I haven't tried logging into the cameras directly but I need to try that. Overall, it's been a good system for the money, but there is room for improvement. I really don't like the software but from what I understand, others are much worse. It just seems overly tekkie and yet underfeatured in some obvious ways... digital zoom is difficult, and not available in full screen view, playback is unnecessarily difficult, and other quibbles. Still, it does what it's supposed to once you figure it out. I have had both good and mediocre experiences with Swann support, but at least they have someone to talk to. The higher level guys have been good.
  2. Swann/Hikvision Had the 4 camera Costco IP package installed since June, still working. There are things I would change in the NVR software, and it's disappointing that the Swann software won't support all the features the camera can offer. The night pictures are a little disappointing, although the IR works pretty well within its range. Night is just noisy as heck, even without the insects. That said, it's been a very reliable system. So far the NVR keeps chugging away within its limits. There have been several power outages locally, where we switch automatically to backup generator- no problem with spikes or resumptions. Cams can lag a few seconds at times but they are doing their job.
  3. Thanks very much! I would suggest at least a bulleted list of advanced features with one-liner descriptions, if you can't get into detail. My NVR8-7200 system doesn't list the camera IPs at all. The only device I ever see is the NVR itself. I will have to try resetting the camera IPs manually. I really wish we could access the Day/Night settings.
  4. daveshoot

    New cameras, 1000TVL?

    Reckon no one has heard of it, and "1000 TVL" is a little hard to process. There isn't much detail to go on.
  5. daveshoot

    DVR mobile viewing

    Did you set the cameras to sub-stream for remote viewing? The mainstream is just too large for mobile browsers, on mine. Substream worked great remotely but the main would never load.
  6. daveshoot

    New Home

    Of the Costco brands, right now the hot tickets are the Swann and the Lorex. They both provide equipment from the same manufacturer, in their own respective packages. At the moment the Lorex is the better deal for the amount of equipment at the price. The Swann NVR has more features, and better tech support. My guess is you are going to end up talking with tech support no matter which system you buy, and you might factor this into the decision. The Costco Concierge service was surprisingly well-informed and helpful, also, if you get the right person on the phone. Since you have the CAT5 already, you might avoid the SDI system packages, and just look at the network IP systems. I went with the Swann and while I am bitter about the Lorex offering two more cameras at a lower price now, I am really pretty happy with this system and the support provided.
  7. daveshoot

    Configure CCTV network

    Wow, a lot to digest here, but "brave skincare" kinda leaped off the page at me. This is almost certainly what my system has been lacking.
  8. daveshoot

    Caught the thief the 1st day <video>

    Priceless. Was that another camera he was carefully covering? If you do it really quick, the recorder will just forget about it.
  9. Just read up on the support first. At my level, support is an issue; Swann (and Costco) have been very good in this area. I am not sure if Lorex and Q-See have the same track record. If you can DIY everything then go with the price. I was kinda sour about the price + for the Swanns, but they do answer the phone. I don't actually know beans about the first systems you linked. I compared the Q-See, Lorex, and Swann systems for quite a while, and was set to go with the Q, but the better specs on the later systems turned my head. I have had relatively good luck with Swann support.
  10. You will always end up wanting "more than you need", or needing more than you originally wanted. Better to get a toe in the water with a decent, expandable system, and seeing just what it delivers in your particular situation. A grand is nothing for quality, flexibility, and support, when the difference is only a couple hundred. I am glad I went IP although some have made a case for the SDI systems. Either delivers 1080 or higher.
  11. You should compare specs to the Swann and Lorex IP packages at Costco. I believe the cameras are still higher resolution than the Q-See. Without recommending anything in particular, these are among the better deals in your price range and should be on the list. I am actually pretty happy with the Swann, despite some little annoyances. Seems like no one is making that "perfect" package yet but these are pretty good.
  12. I am no expert but here are some thoughts based on being a month in to the similar Swann... Did you figure out where you'll be placing the NVR yet? If you haven't plugged it in, do so. See what you think about that fan, and where you want it to live. This won't directly affect camera placement, but will let you assess how you're going to route cable from it to each camera. That, in turn, might suggest some areas are more do-able than others. Bugs are drawn to the IR leds and then you get the spiders. Now I am looking for external IR sources, and a way to turn off the camera LEDs while keeping them in night mode. This seems to be a common problem. You will want to be able to reach the lens to spray and/or clean off webs. 20 ft up doesn't make for very good ID on people, try to get high enough to avoid casual vandals, but still get some facial ID. Consider where the sun rises and sets, as it will cause subjects to be backlit during those times of day. This occurs indoors also, as in your garage where the sun will be streaming in the windows. You wouldn't want to point at them, when you could use them for illumination if they were at the camera's back. Your pics don't show which way is north? I installed a couple of cameras temporarily with woodworking clamps to see what would happen with the pictures throughout a day. Based on the results, I moved both of them slightly. You can use a regular masonry bit for stucco (if that's what it is), or even a beater wood drill. Since I don't have soffets, all of mine are mounted to rafters or fascias with wood screws.
  13. What I learned is that it's pronounced "hike-vision" instead of "hick-vision", among other things. I hope they produce more demo videos; I find them very helpful.
  14. I am curious how all that occurred. How did you log into the camera? Where is the software online? What Hik firmware did you flash?
  15. daveshoot

    OSD on swann IP camera?

    The screen shots are of IE9 browsing to the NVR. NVR takes care of addressing the individual cameras over its own network, but you can see the cam IPs if you want, down at the Camera Management menu selection. If you are right at the NVR with the live view, it has the same settings displayed a little differently (like the NVR Client windows app). And then, you can run the Swannview NVR Client, and access (via the NVR) from there. So there are at least 3 ways to access the same feature set. Unfortunately, the more useful settings for f/stop, WDR, etc. still appear to be inaccessible with any of them. These are more important to me than the OSD settings, since the night vision is rather disappointing. I know these cams can do much better. In the Display options, you can drag the displays to where you want them for each camera. There are red highlights, move with the mouse, and the display will follow.