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  1. MetalguitarJames

    LCD Monitors with Analog Matrix Switcher

    I know this as an old thread but oh well. We are using Daewoo LuComs 19" LCD monitors with a Pelco Analog Matrix and we don't get that type of screen. The video signals come up immediately. We also are using 3 42" LCD's and don't have that issue.
  2. MetalguitarJames

    Security technician sought in San Jacinto casino robbery

    I've given up on telling people that I'm not part of security. LOL. That robbery has gotten our Gaming Commission paranoid as all hell. I'm actually leaving the surveillance department to become the IT Specialist for the casino. It pays more and I won't have to run as much cable!
  3. Thanks for the info Rory! UPDATE.....System has been fully operational for a bit now and the video quality is excellent. The most frustrating downside is the remote client software for these DVR's. They are using the DS-4016HCSI Hikvision cards stacked to 64 channels. There is a small latency issue which doesn't effect us that much. The things that frustrates me is that the remote software doesn't have very good functionality during a remote search. We can't go to previous frames without having to go to the minute before and it won't let us back up video by times (i.e. 14:30-14:35). There is a start and stop button for saving video files. Anyone who has worked in a casino understands this frustration. Not only that but to be able to review video of say.......4 minutes ago has to be done on the actual dvr itself because the remote software has a one hour delay on it meaning we have to wait an hour to be able to access that data. Again, we can't have this road block. We have spoken with the vendor about this and they got us in touch with their vendor who they bought it from. I'm not going to name names here. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the updated dvr server software and remote client software numerous times and we still have the same issue. Although the main vendor of our software says that they are completely revamping both the server and remote software, if anyone knows of any better, more functional software that works with the DS-4016HCSI DVR cards, please let me know because it's too cumbersome with the current software. Thanks, James
  4. Yes it was me Rory. We ended up finding 19" CCTV LCD's for $320 each so we alleviated that issue.
  5. Well it turns out that the Honeywell Tech that my supervisor spoke with about the KD6 PTZ's that only had 4 dip switches only being able to do 2400 baud was wrong. We spoke with a more knowledgeable tech today and he told use that the cameras that only have the 4 dip switches will automatically adjust the baud rate accordingly to the Protocol chosen so we are in alot better shape right now! That makes everything easy! We daisy chained our CDU-T's into the CC1 and we can set every camera we have to a 4800 Baud rate, Pelco P protocol, and no parity. So much easier! No more headaches.
  6. I'm sorry but I'm not able to post a picture of the finished surveillance room due to regulations. This picture I posted above was of course ok because it didn't show the way our equipment and monitors was set up. I wish that I could but I can't. I'm sorry.
  7. Well over the past 3 days my supervisor and I installed the new surveillance system with the new CM9760 Matrix, Multiplexers, and New PC-Based DVR's. It was quite a chore but we will be completely finished today! It was insane! The people that originally installed the Honeywell System that we were changing over from ran entirely way too much cable under the floors. Not too much cable as in number of camera cables but I mean the extra length! I think the surveillance tech that was there before me didn't know what the hell he was doing. He didn't zip tie anything under the floors at all! We had the biggest rats nest that I never want to deal with again. We only have a little over 100 cameras but still.....it was done with laziness. Oh, and check this out. Our original Honewell system had the DVR's with looping outs right......well they had the outputs from there going to the matrix down through the hole in the floorboard in the first rack and up through another hole in the second rack. The cables were 30ft long each! Another thing that got to me is why in the hell would anyone put the camera cabling conduits in the middle of a freaking surveillance room?! Anyways. All we have to do now is regain PTZ control on certain cameras. It's interesting how reading further into manuals can save you so much headache in the long end. Apparently our Ultrak KD6's can do Pelco P and D protocols but there is a catch. Some of our KD6's have 4 dip switches and others have 8 dip switches. The ones with 4 dip switches can be changed to Pelco P or D protocol but the Pelco P protocol is supposed to be at a 4800 baud rate. The KD6's with the 4 dip switches can only do 2400 baud rate so we have to go back to every camera that has the 4 dip switches and change them to Pelco D protocol. Oh boy fun. At least we have 2 CDU's for the PTZ's and we can separate the ones with 2400 baud rate from the 4800 baud rate cameras. When we first installed the matrix and had everything up and running we had cameras 1-16 feeds coming up again on cameras 65-80. Turns out we had a loose VCC in the first slot in the matrix. That took forever to find out. Thankfully I just had a feeling and decided to try it. At least it's all done now. I did test some of the video quality from the DVR's and it's pretty damn good. Anyhow I figured I'd give an update. We will be installing the 42" LCD's in about a month or so. Here is a picture of a little rats nest that plagued us for a good 6 hours. I took it with my cell. James
  8. MetalguitarJames

    DS-4016HC and DS-4016HCSI difference?

    It's the Netvision Software but many companies purchase the software and put their logo on it. But essentially it is the Netvision Software.
  9. MetalguitarJames

    DS-4016HC and DS-4016HCSI difference?

    We actually purchased 2 dvr's with the HCSI cards. I will post updates as soon as we get our complete system up and running.
  10. MetalguitarJames

    Any H.264 DVR's around?

    We just got a couple of 64 channel dvr's that are h.264. They use Hikvision cards. Aventura has them also. They are using a chenbro chassis with a large RAID array. I will post updates once we have the system up and running.
  11. That's for sure. I figure at least $100k to add 100TB for our system, not including the additional electrical and cooling needed for 10+ RAIDs. We're using Infortrend 24-bay and 16-bay fibre/SATA units. By the way, I forgot to answer your question about monitors. I still believe that one-for-one CRTs give the best picture when using analog interlaced cameras. We are using JVC 21" monitors mounted in racks that are approximately 4-5 ft. away from the observers for the matrix and 19" hp LCDs for the DVR Viewstations. The problem is CRT monitors are getting harder to find and the quality has been dropping so next time we replace monitors, we may have to go with LCD. 16:9 seems to be becoming standard so we will be wasting part of the screen, though. That's one of our issues right now is that we don't have a very big surveillance room. It's only 19 ft long and 9 ft wide. We already have 16 CRT Monitors in a huge rack and our DVR's and Matrix are in the room here too. Ya, not to much space in here. So we took over the room next to us and have already started running new cables from the new system under the sub-flooring over to here. We are going to connect them together with barrel connectors. The reason why we went LCD was so we could have some room to do some work in here. We wanted to get rid of the 2 racks holding the DVR's, Server, KVM, and Matrix along with the Rack holding 16 CRT Monitors and have 3 separate desks with 3 19" LCD's on each desk (2 for each PC and one for Main CCTV Monitor use) and 3 42" LCD's. It hasn't been a fun ride because I'm the one supposed to find a good price on everything. I finally found a 17" LCD that has the BNC inputs on them for around $338.00 a piece from searching through google. Problem right now is that my supervisor thinks that we can make it work with the PC LCD monitors that we have. I really don't think that we can considering that every time you switch to another camera the LCD screen goes black for around 3.5 seconds. We can't have this especially when we are tracking someone. James
  12. I doubt our commission will do anything unless it's an actual regulation. If 14 days turns into a regulation for drops and counts then we are going to have more issues than just our LCD screens. It means more $. James
  13. While you are here Rory maybe you could stop me from going nuckin futs.
  14. We are going to do a quad split on the 42" LCD's because 9 may be a bit much. We will get less latency with a quad split instead of a 9 split. Yes it was Bill that came and showed us the intellex system. Bill is a really great guy and was an excellent businessman. Out of all of the companies we got quotes from he treated us the best. It was just too darned expensive. The gaming commission expects a Mercedes at a Pinto price. If we would have went with any other company we would have had to do it in pieces meaning that I would have had to deal with surveillance operators not saving the video properly because they "didn't know how" and it would fall on me to save these incidents. We are getting ready to put in a 4 story Hotel and it'll be operational by Spring of 2008. Ever since the MICS required 30FPS and Front of house it has been a nightmare. We have too many budgetary issues to begin with. James
  15. MetalguitarJames

    Break-in gone bad....very bad.

    You just brightened my day. That was just freaking hilarious! I just hope he didn't breed.