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  1. In my opinion a good cheap option is an access system by napco. Continental . It works great they have 1, 2 ,4, and 8 reader panels . tech support is great . they dont require an annual ssa or licenses to get support. Ive installed it in utility companies with well over 100,000 employees. just my opinion. and suggestion.
  2. I have a client with a 10 foot Barn door that slides close . it has a door in the door with a sheerlock . my issue is they used a flush mount contact at the end of the door so when its closed the power transfer contact provides 24v to the lock. they used a cheap flush mount plastic contact ive never seen before and it has no name or markings on it. the contact melted from the amps.since we all know sheerlocks are thirsty . ive seen some stuff online but dont find power ratings. most stuff is for car doors. any help on suggestion of products i can use to fix this problem would be apprieciated. Thanks
  3. Im having issues with the network viewer for the sprite2 dvrs. it freezes up and has to be closed and restarted... I m running also Amag's Security Management system...and it doesnt freeze up... I called tech support and they just said to reinstall network viewer...its running on windows 7 64 bit enterprise . 8 gigs of ram. i dont know what is causing it to freeze up...its happening on two different computers. cant be a network issue...the amag never looses connection. thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.
  4. Your 1114 camera is a level 1 Poe camera...the injector is a high power injector ..that is causing the hum... your frying the camera....Cisco switch is a smart switch with adjusts power to what is needed.
  5. Ive worked on Honeywell Prowatch, Lenel, Napco Continental , and Software House. i prefer Continental only cause they dont stop support on old software. and dont refuse you help if you havent paid for a license upgrade. So what ever you decide...id asked about support and ask for referrals of companies presently using that product.
  6. NyCCTVTech

    Pelco Matrix system

    Putting it all together is pretty simple... most systems if you got straight from pelco give you a port assignment for all the equipment. only hard part is programming thru the DOS system in the CC1...
  7. NyCCTVTech

    Reader Access Mode in LENEL

    I went on the lenel site and downloaded the NGP hardware installation guide....its 4.14 mb dont know how i can send it to you if you want it... my aol only allows 2mb.. im clueless to ngp...only dealt with LNL stuff
  8. NyCCTVTech

    Reader Access Mode in LENEL

    lmao.....nooo.....i took the classes im master certified and every year i have to take a refresher course....which is mostly a product class on any new stuff...lol
  9. NyCCTVTech

    Reader Access Mode in LENEL

    Actually...if your go to start then programs on the server or workstation. look for OnGuard(yearversion) and click on that and look for Documentation folder...in there is manuals for everything from hardware to software to crystal reports ...
  10. My company did an install of this nature for a power gen company ...they had no budget to run a pipe under ground to a guard shack in the front ...so we suggested a wireless ethernet bridge by cisco...we put a stainless steel box outside the booth installed a POE switch and installed the antennas on the booth roof and the main Building.. and installed 5 HD IP cameras on the booth...you could probably do the same if the pole has power and you can find a cheaper bridge....cisco would run you and arm and a leg..
  11. If your looking to hide cables and not use Conduit....its more work and time taking....if the wall molding on the floor is large enough you can remove them alll and cut a gap in the sheet rock for the cables and run them behind the molding. again depending on how many cables and distance it will take some time... then from the outside you drill in to the wall void and snake to the bottom of the inside wall... outside i would use weatherproof electrical boxes...one gang...sold in any loews or home depot. some weather proof romex like connectors .. and this should help.... again only if you want to spend the time to hide all and make it look clean. Hope that helps
  12. NyCCTVTech

    Setting up tours with Pelco cameras

    in my experience i still havent been able to set up the Panning on a spectra outside of using a pelco matrix system or direct keyboard.... but if you do have a keyboard.....if you press 95 preset and hold preset ...youll get the onboard camera menu....in the menu you can program the camera to record a Touring pattern.. .. and if you dont have a pelco matrix system on this camera...you can program a park feature so after a few mins it will start the tour. this can also be done with the special 1000 pda with monitor package pelco sells to set up spectra and espirt cameras
  13. NyCCTVTech

    just curious

    How long do i have to be a member till i can post on the classified section....I have 2 axis HD cameras i have left over from a 10 pack i bought
  14. Its been a year now.... took me three days to hide all the wires and run to her bedroom ...did the work alone...
  15. I Installed Lorex for a friend In NC . She bought an 8 camera system from the xchange for the military. At first i thought it was gonna be cheesy...but I like the setup...was simple. I can log in from NY . Lorex gives you a ddns so you can deal with dynamic internet service. Here are the pics of day and night mode ... FYI there were no lights on at the house cept the front porch...the back and side yards were completely Dark.