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  1. Hi , having 4 IP cam PTZ Uniview IPC642E-X22-IN that doesn't t have PoE feature . I don t want to run another cable for power , can i use the 2 unused pairs of the Cat5 cable to give power to the cam? Transfo that was coming with the cam was 24VAC 3A. Tks
  2. Hi , Having some PTZ to install with ceiling pendant post but they don t have the hook to attach the metal wire for security like the Hikvision ones . (see picture attached) Do I really need it ? Tks !
  3. Model IPC642E-x22-IN
  4. bentech

    Security HOOK for PTZ installation needed ?

    Should I add a hook ? is it for security or easier to connect?
  5. Hi I have some IP PTZ 2.1MP camera to look at a machine that runs a cable. The cable is moving and I want to know if cam will be able to catch any anomaly of the cable. See pic...Video too big
  6. Hi , Is it possible to save automatically DATA from a HIK NVR to Network HD before it gets full ? Tks !
  7. Hi , I m having the error Failed to get stream from a specific camera with a specific pattern view (6 cams) and image doesn’t show. But when I use 1 Screen or 4 screen view , I see the image for that problematic cam and no error. I use sub stream and settings seem to be the same for all cams and I have 32 IP cameras. Look like if I have many a layout with more than 4 cams , this cam is giving an error. Any idea why ?
  8. Hi , After a thunderstorm , I got 2 cams damaged (one PTZ and one Analog bullet). My question is do we really need to protect the CAMS with surge protector ? Thanks !
  9. Hi, Having iVMS Ver that cannot see IP Cam IP9754-Z-0735. I can connect to it with WEB browser and is in same network.
  10. Hi , I have a PTZ to install but the 17W from the PoE of the NVR is not enough so I need to use a external PoE source (60W). Question : Can I connect the output of the NVR to the input DATA IN of the external PoE ? Are the DATA IN pins are isolated to avoid PoE contention ? I m assuming that the DATA IN is using only 2 pairs for DATA and the other 2 are not connect so the PoE output of the NVR should not damage anything. Any idea ? Tks !
  11. Hi , I just bought a PTZ IP camera PTZIP772X30IR and apparently there is an option to track automatically a person in movement. I was not able to see this feature in any setting. Any idea ?
  12. Hi , I m looking for a IP cam that will be more than 12mm. We tried 12mm but not giving enought details. Cam will be at 9 feet high and need to see details for 1 foot wide. Any idea ? PTZ seems to be to big , don t know if a fix lens can be more than 12mm
  13. Yes , can be good.... Do you think there is any DOME like this ? Problem also is it s in US , don t know if there is some in Canada.
  14. Hi , I want to buy a PTZ from LTS (PTZIP772X30IR ) and want to know if LTE is a good brand to buy. Tks !
  15. bentech

    Is LTS brand any good ? IP PTZ CAM

    If I connect with Hik NVR , do need any other cable other than the CAE5 (RS485or 24VAC) . Or just a PoE from the CAT5.
  16. bentech

    Is LTS brand any good ? IP PTZ CAM

    So i m assuming it s a good brand
  17. Hi Which protocol to use and which one to use for port forwarding on the router ? Tks ! TCP 4000 UDP 4001 HTTP 80 RTSP 554 Tks !
  18. Tks for your response. There are 4 differents port , what is the purpose of each ones ? TCP 4000 UDP 4001 HTTP 80 RTSP 554
  19. Hi having a Watchnet E-96032RTSH DVR and I want to update the CAM . What would be the best ones to fit with this DVR ? Is 700TVL the max ? Tks !
  20. Hi , how to set the HOMING position for a BOSCH Serie 600 Analog PTZ camera ? Tks !
  21. bentech

    PTZ Homing position BOSCH Serie 600

    ok , tks ! Let s say I move the cam to the orientation that I want as HOME POSITION , what is the command to use to save it ?
  22. bentech

    PTZ Homing position BOSCH Serie 600

    RS485 should work also ?
  23. bentech

    PTZ Homing position BOSCH Serie 600

    Tks ! How to do these commands without a keyboard installed ? Can I use the DVR ?
  24. bentech

    PTZ Homing position BOSCH Serie 600

    Is there any presets ? I don't see where to set the HOME Position . Thanks !