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  1. hi, it seems that i have problem with my private messaging, i can't do reply and compose message anymore.. please help thanks
  2. white_comet

    asking for HELP from the Philippines

    @tomcctv: thanks so much! finally!
  3. white_comet

    asking for HELP from the Philippines

    hi vector18, currently i assigned port 55550 in my DVR and i also forwarded start and end port 55550 in my router ip And still i can't access remotely, please help me to troubleshoot.. is that port 55550 ok? because i've also tried ports 80-85.. but still nothing.. thanks very much @TipoFloe: tech support here in the Philippines is really bad. But hey, i will also try to contact avtech.. thanks
  4. Hello guys, i'm from the Philippines and i'm having a problem with regards to my cctv ip address.. using lan ( i have no problem accessing.. but i can't access my cctv ip address ( when i'm out (remotely?). I'm using avtech H.264 8ch dvr and using globe broadband modem/router prolink H6300G. I don't know if i did the correct thing configuring the port forwarding as i read a thread here giving instructions on how to port forward. Btw, i'm using a static ip address. I've been stuck here infront of the computer and the cctv system for 2 days now. Please help me thanks very much
  5. white_comet


    Hi noob from the Philippines! hope to learn cool stuff here